Delta Airlines - does anyone know status of pilots?


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Jan 12, 2000
When I went to Delta website to check to see if my flight times are still intact, there was a note saying that some flights may be rescheduled or cancelled due to the pilot strike. Anyone know anything more about this? Going in March - hope my flights are OK.
In all honesty, you could be effected by the pilot job action. Delta is trying to cancel flights in advance, notify the passengers and re-route them, but there are still some unscheduled cancellations. Make sure Delta has all of your telephone numbers and call to reconfirm your flights a couple of days beforehand (no need to call any earlier than that). At this point, it's an unsanctioned job action. A strike could occur any time after April 1st, according to a federally mandated timeline.
Hi! You might also want to check the DIS Transportation Forum every few days.

I'm flying Delta later this month and have been following the news as well as that forum on DIS.
From what I've read and checking the Delta site daily the flights being cancelled haven't been system-wide but more at their 'hub' airports (to get attention?). They also changed some routes after the first of the year.

Of course, since I'm flying in two weeks, I've been checking the status of my flight daily to see if it has been cancelled and yes, it was! But only once. If you do this close to your departure date, you will see if there is a pattern.

Just be on top of things. Know when Delta has other flights departing that day, arrive extra early at the airport and keep checking the web site for flight status. You'll be fine

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