Delicious December


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Apr 21, 2014
Wrapping up the month and year... I've kind of forgotten what my goals were, I think losing a few pounds was in there which I did but then gained back post-vacation. I did have a lovely time in WDW, which I also think was on the list.

Overall looking back at 2018 it feels dark and difficult and stressful, but when I narrow my focus to my own life I can't identify any specific things that would make it such, so I think that's a reaction to the world at large and the constant stream of challenges we've been faced with. Looking forward 2019 feels better, hopefully that isn't just the perception of starting over/fresh, and that things really are going to change for the better.

I had an extra long holiday weekend, because when I got up last Friday morning I just couldn't get myself going, and called in "sick" - mostly it was a mental health day. I took Monday off as planned, so that was five days of laying around doing virtually nothing except knitting and doing light chores around the house. My mood is starting to lift, so I think I'm in a much better place. And the rest of this week should be fairly quiet, as people are still taking time off.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday -- now on to January!


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