Deed Recorded!!! I have a question.


Earning My Ears
Apr 29, 2002
We are even more official DVC members now, Yippee!!!!

Here's my question - When do they usually send the membership cards?

Today we received our prorated annual dues bill along with a letter saying that our deed was recorded on 7/24/02 and that we can expect to receive our recorded documents in approx. 90 days. Do they send the member cards with those or do they send them earlier? We will be going HOME to BCV in Sept. and just thought it would be nice to have them by then.

Thank you all very much for all of your help.
I am a new Beach Club Villas owner. I bought in March and was there in July, the first week they were open! If memory serves me correctly, the membership card comes to you as part of a seperate mailing, not with the rest of your paperwork. In fact, I suspect you will get it real soon!

Check the DVC website, "members only" section, at site lists the current discounts you get with this card. Take it with you everywhere you go. It provides great discounts. 10% off meals at certain restaurants, etc. I think they gave me a discount on my theme park tickets too. You will love Beach Club! Have fun.

If you will be staying at the BCV on points, you won't really need your card since your room id will say "DVC Member" and will serve as identification that you are entitled to DVC benefits while there.

The cards may well arrive before your trip, but don't worry if not- you'll still have access to all DVC perks.


Our deed was recorded July 17-- prorated dues statement was mailed July 20-- and new member cards were mailed July 25. So I would expect that you should have yours within about a week. Congrats!


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