Debit Card?


Earning My Ears
Dec 31, 2001
I would like to use my debit Mastercard when I check out so I don't have to bring so much cash. (We don't have any credit cards.) However there is a daily charge limit on my debit card which I think is $1000.

In case we go over that amount when we check out, (I HOPE not but we're going on the 7 day, so ya never know... )
does anyone know if I can have Disney charge me more than once, like in the middle of the week and again at the end when I check out?

Gina - who's leaving in 3 days and is sooooo NOT READY!

DCL will charge your card in increments. They usually put a charge through when your bill goes over about $400. (Our first charge was for 440.32, our second charge was for $452.40, etc.) I don't think it will be a problem, unless you spend more than $700-$800 in a single day.
Thanks so much for your quick reply, Rick!

I'm assuming I have to let them know to do this, right?
I had planned on paying off my account with cash, and waited until the end of the week only to find out they had already charged the credit card a couple of times...

they didn't charge my credit card until I went to check out...go figure, but also you may want to ask your bank if you can increase that...some banks do, some don't.
If not , stop by guest services mid cruise and check your bill out, if it's ok , pay the balance so you don't have a problem the last day, that works too.

No, you don't have to let them know to do this. They do it as a matter of policy. I always assumed it was so that if something unforseen happens (Credit card is stolen, someone closes the account, etc.), they're never left holding the ball for more than about $400.... much better than swallowing a loss of thousands that someone could run up on the tab. :) It could also be for the reasons you yourself have (limits on daily charges).

I used a debit card on our cruise too. Our charges, on the three-night cruise, didn't approach $400.00 or even $200.00 for that matter. But, what I did do was go to Guest Services every night, just before we went back to the room and settle that days charges. The CM's there were very helpful and didn't mind at all. This also kept us on budget and let me know exactly what DH had charged that day, since he can be forgetful. It worked out great for us. I will do the same when we go on the seven-night cruise later this year, but, I'm sure will will end up spending more this time.

Daisimae :D


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