DD4 Has Questions!


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Jan 24, 2001
DD4 is very excited about "Mickey's Boat". Of course she has questions, too.
1. Are there Disney Princesses on the ship?
2. What can she do at the Oceaneers Club?
3. Will they serve "bagetts" (sp?) (French pastry from Beauty & the Beast)
Thanx for your help!
Yes, there are princesses on the ship! :jester: I know I saw the lovely Belle. She posed with all the pretty girls and handsome boys for pictures too. I'm not sure if there are other princesses available.

Well, I didn't actually participate in Oceaneer's Club, but when I dropped in, it was a free play time. Some kids were watching movies (Disney, of course!) and some were playing in the playroom with great toys. I am sure there are some activities as well, but not sure what. Hopefully someone else can help here.

Lastly, yes we got to have baguettes. They had them often at lunch. They were cut in slices and were available with other breads and rolls as well. They also had some uncut ones for display :)
DD4 loves Belle, and will be thrilled with the baguettes (Marie, baguettes...Hurry, up!)
DD4 loves Belle, and will be thrilled with the baguettes
My 17yr old is a huge Belle fan as well and will be thrilled to hear that she'll be able to meet her! She even has a Belle-like formal that she wants to take. LOL! This news will make her day.....:D
My daughter is 4 also. We saw the princesses often. A few of them also visit the Oceaneers club for activities which my husband and I stayed at those times to film. Snow White, Belle and also Alice in Wonderland to name a few. You will get a weekly itinerary for the Oceaneers Club which will show you when an actual character visit will take place so you can plan on what times you definitely want to make sure your child is there. The Princesses are also usually on Deck 3 prior to dinner and they also do a night where they all are there at once for Autographs. My daughter never wanted to leave the club. We had to drag her out many times. She loved the club and we felt very comfortable leaving her there for some adult time.


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