Day One Continued.... Soarin thru DCA...BAN the BEACH BOYS!

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    Aug 20, 2000
    Disney's California Adventure....
    So I got DH really excited about going there and he wanted to hit DCA before DL. And since the tickets are not true park hopper passes, we only get to go to DCA today. But it's a short day, we're tired. Let's have fun, somewhere new.
    We walk to DCA. Nice walk. 5 minutes? slip our tickets through and enjoy. The first thing we smell is burnt popcorn? We think that's what it is. This was a smell all too familiar throughout our trip. We grab a map. Can't figure it out. But I want to do Soarin. I've read about it. It sounds great. I can't wait. We get a fastpass. I don't want to wait. So we go walking around, checking out DCA. We end up on the rapids ride. Not much of a wait, less than 5 minutes. We have time to pull out the ponchos. That's about it. We're with 2 cute kids and a mom and dad. The kids are hilarious! We go spinning and spinning and spinning, and dropping a couple times. Don't get too wet. The mom does. It's hilarious. We laugh the whole way. And Spinning and spinning. It's very fun. I have to say though that I was sooo incredibly dizzy after we got off this ride. It reminded me of the teacups in water. Very fun ride.
    We go back to Soarin as our fastpass time is close. We look through the Soarin store. Neat things - Women Who Fly memorabilia. I was surprised, genuinely. Small shop, but neat stuff. We walk by the Train, DH says that's the original. We'll come back here for icecream. mmmmm. I'm hungry again. lol
    Over to Soarin. A little scary at first. But WOW. This ride becomes our favorite. People clap as we finish. It is amazingly wonderful. We do see feet above us. I am in awe. We get another fastpass and decide to head somewhere else. I want to do "It's Tough to Be a Bug". I haven't seen it on our trips to WDW.
    We head over to Pier, to look around. DH watches Maliboomer for a while and convinces me to do it. It's just like Tower of Terror. hmmm... I don't think so. I get on. My seatbelt is loose. Ok. There's a vomit guard, or a spit guard, or something making me extremely claustrophobic. This is scary. My feet don't touch the ground. We're finally catapulted up; I'm screaming, thinking I'm going to fall out. up down up down.... what happened to that breakfast again? We get off and I'm shaking, literally. I tell DH I am not doing that one again. He says It's awesome!
    So we're off elsewhere. We watch the other rides, the SunWheel, the roller coaster. DH decides to do Screamin. I decide not to. The sign says that not all shapes and sizes fit in Screamin. I'm on the heavy side with a large top [can I say that here?] and decide I won't fit in the ride. So DH goes off by himself. He comes back sore, but thrilled. Seems his restraint came down too tight on his chest. He liked it. I decide I might do it on day 2 of DCA. We walked around, tried to get DH to do the carousel, he wouldn't. So we went to the Sunwheel, decided on the swinging gondolas. I didn't watch the ride before we went on - I shoulda. We get our own car, decide to sit next to each other, be a little romantic. My DH, the funny man that he is, decides to scare me. He's gonna go to the other side as this "gondola" is rocking. I scream at him no. I keep hearing someone getting in trouble for standing in the gondola. We are way over the water. I keep thinking, I can swim, I can swim, I can swim. Just don't splat me on the metal. I can swim. It's a beautiful view from the Sunwheel, but a little scary. lol
    We decide to walk around some more. I still haven't figured out where anything is. The map does NOT make sense to me. So we walk by the Avalon, look at the menu. DH says no. =0(
    We walk over to the Wharf. There are people sitting on the sidewalk. An older CM is talking to a younger CM telling him how to keep the crowd. So, DH and I are thinking....PARADE!!!! Woohoo. DH goes and asks the new CM. He says - I don't know. So we look on the map, and whaddya know! A parade. It was the Eureka Parade. It was really nice. Lots of athletic kids and cute music. DH really enjoyed it, which surprised me. He wants a pair of the stilts. I told him he would last a couple minutes on those.... Those kids were really getting a workout! The guy on the drums flying was pretty neat too. Really Californian. It was also a nice break from the carnival music and Beach boys...
    DH wants to get something to eat. I want to go see "It's Tough to Be a Bug". We go eat.
    We leave DCA to go to Northwoods Inn. It is a wonderful Southern California restaurant. Lobster tails, cheese bread, salad, shrimp cocktail, baked potato. So after stuffing our faces, we head back to DCA. We do Soarin at least a couple more times that day. After the first time we did Soarin, DH asked me if I smelled the oranges.... I didn't. I was holding my breath during our flight and didn't smell. Sooo the next time, and every time thereafter, I made a big point of using my nostrils. That enhanced the experience even more.
    We headed to the front, watched a good band for a while. Great change from the beach boys. Watched some kids dance.
    After looking around, trying to find t-shirts, etc. we head back home.
    All in all a great afternoon, unexpectedly.
    A few thoughts about DCA:
    Soarin is Great!! Deserves to be transplanted to WDW and anywhere else it can be. The scenes are wonderful although the breaks are a little choppy. They should get some more smells too [not burnt popcorn]. That really enhanced it.
    We discovered that the biggest sized shirt they had was XXL. Nothing more. For those of us who are rubenesque, no nice t-shirt to commemorate DCA. I really wanted that and didn't even buy a pin because I so badly wanted the t-shirt.
    After an hour of the beachboys organ music, DH and I wanted to scream! And Burnt popcorn is nasty.
    Off to bed.... Tomorrow is another day.....and we'll be off to
    [See next installment]

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    Feb 20, 2001
    Oh Im so hungry now. That is my ultimate favorite place to eat. I no longer live in CA but live for the times I get to go home and have some cheese bread and cheese butter on my potato. And oh those salads...mmmmmmm!! I recommend this place to anyone heading to CA. Also cant miss In and Out Burger. Thanks for making my mouth water!! Deanna
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    May 23, 2000
    you write well, which made your report fun to read - and very interesting - we plan to go to DL and CA for the first time this September, and to stay at the GC - did you get early entry, earlier than posted?
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    Mar 25, 2000
    Glad to hear your day ended on a good note. Thanks for posting!

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