Day Eight; Now it's time to say goodbye

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    Day 8, Nov. 24

    Cast: Please see previous posts

    Today is the day the plan falls apart. We managed to get front row, just off center court tickets for tonight's Harlem Globetrotters show/game.

    Brother, SIL, niece and nephew decide to stick with the plan and do Animal Kingdom in the morning but then come back to the condo and do laundry and pack to head home tomorrow. Then Bro & nephew would go to the Globetrotters while DH, SIL, niece and myself went to the MK tonight.

    My DS decides he DOES NOT WANT TO DO ANOTHER PARK, he wants to take the car and check out the Kissimmee paintball field and other stuff. I try to convince my DH to go with him to do the Skycoaster at Old Towne but no doings. He is also going to the Globetrotters tonight.

    My DH & I want to see only the new Asia section of Animal Kingdom, more of EPCOT and then Magic Kingdom tonight. We decide to sleep in and then go to Animal Kingdom.

    My DH & I sleep in and then head out to Animal Kingdom around 9:30 AM. The lines to get in the park are HUUGE. (We have never arrived at a park this late). After we get in we head to the Tigers and explore that trail. We then spend some time shopping (DH is looking for a walking stick) and get hotdogs and a drink. We are done with AK and head on to EPCOT.

    At EPCOT we head to the wheelchair rentals. My DH INSISTS I get a chair. I start to cry–I don't want you pushing me around and I can't push myself, everyone will stare (Yeah–like they weren't at the sight of this grown woman crying), I've never been in one (unless you count from my room to the car when my son was born 18 years ago). He insists and prevails. I get the chair.

    Since DH was not with us on Saturday when we did Test Track, we head there first. They are out of fastpasses, the singles line is 45 minutes long and the wheelchairs are backed up by about 30 minutes. The CM gives us a card to return at 3:30 pm. We then head over to check out the new Imagination ride. I HATE IT!! I WANT MY FIGMENT BACK!!!! Even the Figments in the store don't look like My Figment–they look more, I don't know, CRUEL I guess is the word. My Figment is a happy looking dude and much more cuddly than the ones I saw. Boo hoo.

    We then head over to World Showcase to tour Millennium Village. This was great. We loved it. We skipped Journey to Jerusalem but enjoyed everything else. We then just strolled (wheeled) our way around the showcase. Stopping wherever we wanted, shopping, eating. We made it all the way around the showcase when we spotted a man sitting a bench with one of the squirrels on his shoulder. The squirrel was actually eating out of his hand. We sat and chatted with this nice gentleman for about 15 minutes. We then headed back to TT (even though it was only 3:00) and we ask if we can get in now, since I am tired and want to leave. They let us in and we enjoy the ride.

    We turn the wheelchair in and return to the condo for a brief nap, packing a bit and relaxation.

    The plan was for everyone to meet at the ticket box for Wide World of Sports at 6:00. Even though the game wasn't until 7:30 my DH had to get the tickets because they were at Will Call under his name and Am Ex card. We wanted to get to the MK as soon as possible.

    First glitch–at some point during the day Bro or someone had talked to my cousin (his son was coming to the game) and told them they really didn't have to be there until 7:00. Excuse me??? They need to pay for the ticket still and we can't wait until 7:00. While we are at the will call my cousin's wife calls and says SHE is at Animal Kingdom with the baby and my cousin has the car. She is stranded there with her mom. They have two babies and only one car seat. She thought he was meeting us at 6:00 and called us, not knowing we weren't expecting him now until 7:00. (The walkie talkies they had been using earlier in the week were now broken). We get the tickets, leave orders with DS to get the money and head out to Magic Kingdom. They need to work this among themselves. We couldn't do anything for his wife anyway–we don't have a car seat either–so if she can ride in our car without a car seat she can ride in her moms without one.

    We get to TTC and catch the monorail over to MK. My DH wanted to ride the boat but it was cold outside. We again get a wheelchair for me and they take me to the little dining area by the Plaza restaurant. Sometimes this area is roped off but tonight it wasn't so they parked me at a nice table, with a view of the Castle for fireworks & Tink and off they went to Space Mountain. My SIL insisted she could stay and keep me company but I had bought a book to read and didn't want to feel guilty about people missing out on the fun because I was in a wheelchair. They came back a short time later and said all the fastpasses were gone and the line was OVER two hours. We got hotdogs and fudge and passed the time waiting for the fireworks and Tink. We managed to see a lot of the early MSEP. Then the fireworks. Tink did not fly (probably because it was windy). We loved the fireworks and had a great view. After the fireworks, they moved me to Main Street and I was the seat holder while they went off to use the front of the line pass for Big Thunder. They came back and we waited for MSEP. My SIL had never seen it and missed it on our last trip so I was determined she see it. The up close view about did me in (my DH kept asking me if I was ok and I said Yes. He later told me I just got whiter and whiter as the parade went on. Being that close to the lights was more upsetting to my nervous system than I thought it could be) After the parade we hopped on the monorail for a quick ride back to TTC and then headed home.

    The report from the Globetrotter game was glowing. They had great seats (front row just a bit off center court) and actually had a lot of interaction with the players. One of them (Moore??) gave my son a wristband. One ended up in My DS and nephew's lap, and other pranks. This was the highlight of my son's trip.

    I did some more packing, I couldn't sleep without those lights and that music playing in my head and just making me sick so I stayed up a while and did some packing. We said our goodbyes since my brother and his family were leaving around 3:00 am and we were sleeping in. We actually had the condo until Sunday but everyone wanted to head home and have a day to unpack and rest.

    This is the end of the trip except for an uneventful (thank goodness) trip home tomorrow. Thank you for reading and I hope to post a tips listing soon.
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    Wow. I could hardly keep track of everyone coming and going. :eek:

    The Harlem Globetrotters game must have been great. Those are some awesome seats. :)

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    Lisa :)

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Sounds like everyone had a good time. Thanks for posting!

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