Day 3 What no flavored cream !!!

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    Mar 11, 2001
    It was breakfast at Sunset Grill again this morning, never can have too much of a good thing !!! We asked our waiter if there was any flavored cream for the coffee, sadly he said no, but he did say he could flavor our coffee with some hazelnut syrup they had in the back, so we said sure, It was really very good, he flavored a whole pot of it for us.
    It was very overcast this morning, So we headed over to US, knowing that most of the attractions are indoor, It has been years since I had been to US, so I thought there would be some new attractions for me to see. Twister was one I had not seen before, We got right in and were in the front row, it was a very good show.
    Next we hit Kongfrontation..nothing new here and our tour guide was really pretty lame.
    On to Earthquake, same show as I remembered.
    Next it was Jaws, last time I was here it was closed, so this was new to me...I thought it was pretty good, but a bit on the smelly side.
    We skipped Wild Wild West Show and went right to MIB, another good attraction, I scored 83,560 something, My Ds scored a little less then me.
    Now I wish I had remembered what BTTF what all about before we went on....I'm not good on simulator rides, and this one is VERY rough, I still have a bruise on my right shoulder from being bounced around that ride.... All I can say is NEVER again.
    Had to hear my name on ET, so off we went...cute ride, but didn't hear my name or my DS's...oh well so much for technology
    Terminator was next in line, had never seen this show was very good.
    We just walked around the park for awhile, looking in some of the stores here and there, then deceided to leave that park. We went back to our room....
    Now you'll have to forgive me because at this point I stopped taking notes on what we did, so forgive an old woman for babbling. We decieded to go have dinner this night at Outback Steak was just down the street. We wanted to go back to IOA to watch the fireworks from the park this night, so after we finished eating we went back to IOA....of course we had to ride Hulk again, and then again, let me see was that 4 or 5 times so far ????? one more time for the Spiderman as well tonight, then it was off to find a seat for the show..... We were very excited as we had been watching them from our room each night, and couldn't see them all. They were spectacular a great end to a wonderful day.

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