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    Well, it was our last day we I have yet to see shows and parades in WDW so I thought it would be a great time to finally get to see new things while having the new experience of DL.

    We took our usual walk from HoJo's to the the bus area and then took a bus down to Target to get souvenirs. Don't do this as they don't have any. I thought for sure they would being so close to DL but not. We also noticed that by the time we got to the high priced Marriot the bus was full and the guests were told to wait! We walked back to the second stop and got a seat on the bus and went back to the parks to enter around 9:20 am. Once again the line was forever long but moved so quickly.

    Let me say right now that we saw an increase in the crowds from the previous days. It was Thursday but the feel was different and people were everywhere. Perhaps more spring breakers. Even the Jungle cruise folks made a joke about welcome to spring break at DL. Heavy crowds and we are now happy we arrived a bit early.

    We wanted to see the Aladdin story telling show by the Jungle cruise. There were lines for every ride at 9:30 and long lines! We went on JC and then over to POTC. We went back to the story telling and watched as DS sat quietly with his hands on his lap and watched the show! It was very cute but he never raised his hand to participate. After that we went over to the Haunted mansion which is built like a southern mansion very nice on the outside vs. a scary building at WDW. We went to the castle afterwards where I thought we would see princess coronation but we must have been in the wrong place and we saw the band with Mickey, goofy, pluto, chip and dale, alice and the mad hatter. It was wonderful and very cute! Again these are the things I never get to see at WDW. DS was wonderful and sat nice again.

    Then we ended up down by Space Mountain so while waiting for Jedi training we went over for a quick spin. I love the red hot chili peppers and the ride was fast and fun. We got out and then went to the pasta, pizza place to the left. It was crowded and I suggest after getting the food go to the cashiers on the far right. Everyone is standing in line after getting food because of the natural flow but the left side is the salad side and it is not as busy.

    Once again, kids meal with meatballs. I had to peel the outside of the meatball and then make little pieces but DS ate food so I was happy. We then went to Jedi training but we didn't get picked and that is a good thing because DS would not have been able to do it. Autism. We watched for a few moments but then left. So people had signs and really were very active about being picked. I hope all kids get a chance to be a jedi.

    It was very sunny and noticed DS was getting a bit red so we made a quick stop at First aide where they are super and gave me a little sunscreen for DS.

    We were heading to CA but his aide made a quick potty stop and back to first aide we went for woman reasons. She walked but DS and I took the double bus. He loved it and we recommend it as nice was to relax and not to fight the crowds. We picked up his aide at the stop and then took the horse trolly back to the front.

    Over at CA the lines were also just as long, crowds even heavier. I would also say not to go during spring break if you could avoid it.

    We went to the Aladdin musical 15 minutes early and got in line. Because of the GAC we went to a separate line without so much noise and space between the people waiting. There we other kids with Aspies and Autism so we felt normal. We went in and were in the second row!!! Wow!! The theater is huge. I don't know how many it can hold but HUGE! The show was done is perfect Disney style and we walked away amazed! Go to see this show and arrive early for good seating.

    We then went for a quick ride on Hollywood terror and it is fun to see DS get air when the elevator drops. He said, it makes a big noise then goes super fast. Sums it up.

    We went down to the bug's land to get a frozen lemonade and his aide gave him and cookie ice cream. DS went off the spectrum into crazy! Never give small children sugar late in the afternoon unless you are ready to pay the price. He would cry and scream over little things and could not be consoled. He was over tired, hot and needed real food. So I sat by the nice smelling orange trees and just held him while he got to rest and pull it back together.

    Then we went to DTD to get my free backpack and off to the monorail. Chuck at the ticket area and wonderful and if you get a chance to see him say hi. He is outstanding and goes out of his way to make the kids feel special. He put a very nice Minnie stamp on DS arm and gave me a big hug, he is a very caring and wonderful man.

    We went back to DL for a few more ride before leaving for good. We let DS pick the ride and we went on the monorail in, then to the Bobsleds, Alice in wonderland, astro orbiter, Buzz lightyear and then we left for a quick walk back to HoJo's.

    We packed for the morning and said goodnite.

    What did I learn from our DL trip. Traveling with family is hard, traveling with hired help is even harder! Take a break each day for some "me time" Get away from everyone and just do something for yourself.

    HoJo's is not a far walk from DL. The grocery store is not a far walk. The bus can be full as Hojo's is the last stop. We would see people waiting and we would walk and beat them to the park. Hojo's is noisy in the tower building. I had to take a sleeping pill the second nite but exhausted every nite after that. I would not stay at Hojo's again as we never went to the pool but was desperate for a microwave. That is the only reason why we would not stay there, and the traffic noise.

    When taking ME, don't listen to the front desk, take the earlier bus. We were told that we could take a 9:40 and be at the airport at 10:30 in time for our 11:30 flight. We took the 8:40 which was late, then there was traffic, then we switched buses, then more traffic on the highway and then the line at SW as way back. I saw more people in a panic about missing flight than at disney. Also, the line for security took 45 minutes. So we arrived at our gate at 11 am for our 11:30 flight. We took the 8:40 bus.

    I would not take ME again but I would use super shuttle. It was posted to me here to take ss but I didn't listen and wish I had.

    That is our trip and we can't wait for our May/June trip to WDW.

    Thank you for all your help, answering my stupid questions and giving me great advice.

    It is good to be back home. Now I need to find out where my horses are, they are not in the pasture!!!:scared1:

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