Day 2: Is that a tear?


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Feb 4, 2005
Cast: Me (Sue)- 32, not grown up yet, travel agent with weird affection for Donald Duck
Dad- Older than me, likes Disney but just likes vacations in general
Mom- Older than me and younger than Dad, dislikes traveling but loves Disney and especially shopping at Disney

Day 2 started with Stitch waking me up, “NO SLEEPING” he rudely yelled. I didn’t exactly appreciate the early call but after all I set it up and I was getting up for a full day in the Magic Kingdom! I set off for breakfast. My parents had brought cereal and were going to take care of their own breakfast, I was looking forward to Mickey Waffles. They were very good! We were at the MK by 9:15 and headed straight to Pirates. We literally walked right on and were the only ones in the boat. It was very dark and a little spooky. I kept thinking about “George” and was trying not to think about him! We then tried the Jungle Cruise but it wasn’t open until 10. I wandered around the wrong area and got spit on by the camel by the Magic Carpet ride. We decided to head over to the Haunted Mansion and then back to the Jungle Cruise. I have to say, I love the Haunted Mansion but hate it at the same time. It seriously creeps me out. I grabbed my dad’s arm in the stretching room and told myself not to look up. Sure enough, I looked up. Then I made Dad ride alone because I refuse to. I didn’t stop to look for the “ring” because we were on a mission and I knew my dad would be embarrassed. We headed back to the Jungle Cruise and had a great guide. He was very funny and even some of the old jokes were new again. I always crack up at the “back side of water” even though it is a standard. I love the Jungle Cruise at WDW. It was only 10:15 by then and we headed over to Fantasyland. I was determined to see Mickey’s Philharmagic and boy was it worth it. I love Donald Duck so this was awesome for me. Dad loves all the 3-D shows so he was pretty excited. Saw a hidden Mickey in there as well. We then hit Peter Pan, Small World, and Winnie the Pooh. The longest wait for us all day was Pooh at 20 minutes. By that time we decided to head over to Liberty Square to get ready for lunch at Liberty Tree. We shopped a little and checked in at the restaurant a little earlier than our PS. We got right in with a nice table. The food was good but, I confess, I have no idea what I had. After lunch we wandered over to Tomorrowland to go on Buzz. My parents swore that they had never been on it before, but I honestly think that they had. Bottom line though, they really liked it. Our scores were pitiful but we had a great time. I won that round with a pitiful 22, 000. Dad and I decided that Mom would enjoy the TTA so we were back on that for another relaxing ride. By this point we were hot and my dad was about to drop so we decided that a quick spin on the resort monorail would be fun and we wanted to see the Grand Floridian. We were definitely impressed. It was beautiful. We then headed back to CBR for some coffee and a rest. After dinner at the food court Mom and I went back for Wishes. We went to Tomorrowland for a Fast Pass on Space Mountain and then hit Buzz again. Mom won that one with 34,000. I improved to a pitiful 27,000. Mom wanted to ride the carousel even though I wasn’t thrilled about that. While getting on a horse, my foot slipped into the stirrup too far and when I got all the way up, it bent my ankle at an odd angle. Needless to say, of all the rides to get hurt on, I mess up my foot on the carousel. I ended up with a sore ankle and a bruise across the top of my foot. We had time to do Small World again before my Space Mountain Fast Pass expired and Wishes started. My mom staked out some pretty good spots for Wishes while I went on Space Mountain. I didn’t really enjoy it. I had seen it all lit up and was convinced that I was going to hit my head on something. I had ridden it countless times before and I know that people taller than me have been on it but I was still paranoid and kept slouching. I headed over to where Mom was waiting and this time I was able to see Tink fly and the fireworks were just beautiful. Seeing the castle change colors made me very emotional and I think that for the first time, I really got caught up in the magic and teared up a little bit. I don’t think I have ever truly appreciated WDW in an emotional way before. It was truly the Magic Kingdom for me that night and probably for the first time. My warm fuzzies from this trip come from that night, actually the whole day. It was awesome.


Missing Mickey and Friends
Feb 2, 2004
Thanks for the the great report. Glad to hear the "magic" found you! And you got to see Tink fly - how cool is that? Looking forward to more reports...


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