Day 15 : Going Home

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    Oct 30, 2000
    Cast : Myself (Johann)
    DSIS Tricia (ThumperThistle)

    Got up about 8.30am to discover the ice cubes were still glowing. Finished packing then after 20 minutes we worked out how to stop the ice cubes glowing. Packed the mug and the ice cubes in the hand luggage incase something banged them and activated the glowing again, could just see this happening at the airport and security wanting to open the bag up.

    Got a luggage trolley to take our bags down to the lobby. I only crashed it once. Checked the luggage in and went to the arcade (got to use these dollars up). Then went to the gift shop for the last time and I bought two keyrings. No cash left now so I was happy. Spent last 20 minutes in the food court making the most of the time left with our refillable mugs then went to get our luggage.

    The bus was due to collect us at 1.10pm. Bus turned up at 12.55pm. The driver came over and checked our name on his list. He said we were with him and then he walked back to the bus. I was like, “Don’t worry Mr Driver we will mange ourselves!” NO TIP FOR HIM!!! Finally arrived at the airport almost 2 hours later. Not one person on the bus gave Mr Unhelpful Driver a tip. Everyone on the bus was British and he didn’t help anyone with their luggage.

    Check in went very quickly and smoothly and we just made our baggage allowance of 60Kg. Had something to eat and I realised just how much Disney rip you off with the price of the food when I commented that the airport food was cheap!!!

    I was pulled aside for the random bag check just before we boarded the plane, only took a few minutes and she didn’t take anything out the bag, just had a rummage inside it.Anyway after all the bag checks entering the parks for the last 2 weeks it’s routine now.

    No annoying child near me on the plane, HURRAY!!! Did have a young boybeside us who was very informative of every aspect of the flight, he could even see the turbulence. Before take off he read the in-flight magazine aloud. I was going to give him my book so he could read it to me but I thought some of the words might be too difficult for him. I have to say I was pleased this young boy was beside me and not the annoying child I had on the outward flight.

    As Tricia’s ankles always swell on the plane and her left ankle was already swollen from the 4 new insect bites round it and her right foot and ankle only just returned to their normal size 2 days ago she thought it best to keep moving them. She bent her feet up and down as if she was walking. They began walking after take off, having a brief running spell after 10 minutes. Had turbulance over the new York area but they never put the seat belt light on at all. After 3 hours Tricia’s feet were still walking. She stopped just past Canada. Had dinner round about 9.30pm which was chicken, potatoes, sweetcorn and peas. Didn’t eat much of it as I had just eaten a tube of pringles.

    We couldn’t get seats in Premium economy for the journey home, they were sold out so we had to fly back cupboard class. I was now getting really concerned about Tricia’s right foot. It was getting so swollen I thought it might explode and she was turning a very strange grey colour. She kept assuring me she was fine. I had visions of her leaving the plane on a stretcher. Landed in Glasgow at 6.40am, collected our luggage, walked through nothing to declare at customs and were home by 8.30am. Tricia had to go to the emergency doctor later that day as the swelling wasn’t going down and her foot was turning purple. It was like the day of Universal Studios all over again. The doctor said these bites were infected too, seems she is allergic to whatever bit her. This time her prescription cost £12 compared to the $200 bill in the US.
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    Awwww, man, your trip reports are over. I enjoyed them very much, but I have been so worried about your DW's feet. Hope you get back across the "big pond" soon! Thanks for sharing TT! Look for my reports in November!

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