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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by tacomaranch, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. tacomaranch

    tacomaranch Tacoma Ranch home of wild mustangs! We are all on

    Apr 15, 2006
    We arrived at the park about 10 minutes before the park opened and I was shocked to see so many people lined up. There were about 10 lines all of them all the way back to the center. We went left and got into a line that had just opened up.

    After a brief wait we were in the park! The crowds are what anyone would expect during spring break. Many people but manageable. Our first stop was to city hall for DS 's GAC. The CM was polite but did her job well. She did look at our Dr's note and our previous pass from WDW. DS was with me and was climbing all over the counter and had gave a little shove to a girl in line so it was obvious that we were no a NT but had needs. I told her quickly about the autism, and that the morning was not going well at all. A pass was issued with all the stamps we usually have to make our day magical.

    We headed towards main street and stopped to talk to CM who was greeting people. He was very nice, gave us a few secrets and a 1st time to DL buttons. We headed toward the castle and noticed that it is so much smaller than WDW but the Matterhorn was right there to make up for it.

    We walked onto Jungle cruise and POTC with no problems and worked our way around the park left to right. DL is more compact but has many rides that WDW does not. The rides that have the same name are so different. The POTC has a longer beginning with two drops! IASM starts and ends outside! It reminds me of seeing Disney for the first time all again.

    We used the GAC at the FP rides but no one explained that we were to go to exits of the ride to get on and we spent a long time in lines only to have DS tantrum and we had to leave the line. Urg! I was finally told by a nice CM and Alice in wonderland to go to the exits. That was about 4 pm. Still we went to rides with short lines and had a great time.

    It rained for about 1/2 hour in the afternoon and it was cold and wet. We ran for cover by the terrace to stay dry. The aide who is helping us did not bring a coat and she was so cold! Today is going to be much warmer.

    We stayed for the parade and it was very cute, short but cute then it was easy to leave as most park goers were staying for the fireworks which we had seen from our hotel room. We took the ART home as it was cold and I took a sleeping pill to ignore the traffic noise.

    Today we are going to take the ART to the Target then back to the hotel and set out for California adventure. Tomorrow we plan to go back to DL and see the shows we missed yesterday.

    It is very nice to be back and Disney in a place that is magical
  2. Hound 109

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    Oct 10, 2006
    Thanks for the ON SITE report, TacomaRanch :thumbsup2

    Two items that I agree 100% with. The DL Pirates ride is much cooler at DL (than at WDW) & yes...the lines before DL Opening.... really do stack up. (We were there 30 minutes before opening & were 10th in our 10 min. till, the line was halfway out toward DCA (100th family in line, 150th?)

    & by the second time I walked into DL....I decided i LIKED the cute little castle with the alpine mountain next to it. :)
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  4. DangerMouse

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    Dec 11, 2006
    Hope you slept better at the HoJo last night. The City Hall CM should have given you a GAC Guide with your pass. This will have all the information about where to board rides. Make sure you ask the CM at the front of the ride where the GAC entrance is if you don't know where to go.

    If you can, you should really try to view the Fireworks from inside the park one night. It is a totally different experience than seeing them from the hotel. Remember is the best show DL has to offer.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    MATTERHORN <font color=purple>HA HA take that all of you unco

    Oct 27, 2003
    Sounds like your first day went pretty well! Have a great day today and enjoy California Adventure!

  6. PeterPansPixie

    PeterPansPixie Mouseketeer

    Nov 3, 2006
    Sounds like you are having a good time. Glad to hear you got some sleep last night. Have fun today!
  7. ChrisMouse

    ChrisMouse DIS Veteran

    Mar 8, 2007
    Reading trip reports makes me so excited for our trip.

    Enjoy the rest of yours!
  8. dohgusgus

    dohgusgus BUT MOM, Disney World is only 2633.8 Miles Away!

    Sep 6, 2006
    What is GAC?
  9. teacups

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    Dec 14, 2006
    ...and what are these first timer buttons? DARN. We didnt get those last year. Lucky you guys! Have fun! (I agree... see the fireworks from inside once!)
  10. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2007
    You're making me think about taking a computer on our trip... :)

    When we went last year, as I got my Happy Birthday button (b/c I was celebrating it at DL), they asked if it was a first visit. I mentioned that it wasn't, BUT that my son was only 1 the year before, and she gave us a first time/"honorary citizen" button. I would imagine, if you want, you could probably go plead your case at city hall, to see if you could get a button. :upsidedow
  11. tacomaranch

    tacomaranch Tacoma Ranch home of wild mustangs! We are all on

    Apr 15, 2006
    Wow, do my feet hurt!!!

    It was a great second day at DL and we went to California adventure today but that is another story.

    I had looked at the map and saw there was a target on the bus line L so we walked down to park to get to the L bus and waited over half an hour. I finally asked another driver where L was and we were told it only comes every hour:confused3 I told her we wanted to go to Target to get milk and gifts but she said to take the A bus to the farmers grocery and drew on our map. It looked to be near our hotel but the front desk said it was a few miles away. We took the A bus and then got off where the driver said. It was a short walk about two blocks to the store. We got great produce, super prices and nice people. They had a super deli and also a wonderful bakery. Again, prices were cheap compared to our small town. On the way back we stopped in and asked by our stop where Hojo's was. We were shocked the guy said just over the highway:banana: :banana: Now I remind you that we are simple country folks and we can walk along time and do each day just doing chores. We were shocked to find out that this story was maybe 1/2 mile from our hotel. Our first nite here a lady in the elevator said it was 4 miles. It was very walkable and I recommend it to everyone who can either take the A bus or walk. Much cheaper than any gift shop prices and a nice walk.

    So, back at the hotel we had fresh milk and pepsi so I mixed a rum and coke in my water bottle and off we went to CA Adventure. Again the lines in front can be intimidating at first but they move so fast. We arrived at 9:30 and were in quickly. The first view of the bridge is wonderful and then the sun and water were stunning. We headed off quickly to the left went to see Muppet vision but it had just started so we ran over to Monsters which does not exsist in WDW. It was in black light and very cute, then we went back to Muppets and walked into the theater. My DS loved it and it remains cute every time we see it. Then we had to go back to Monsters again by demand.

    Everything is close together that it is easy to go from ride to ride quickly:banana: . We then went over to the Aladian show but missed it by minutes so it was the Hollywood hotel which I know as tower of terror. I got a fast pass for my scrapbook. The ride was similar but different. It does not go out of the elevator chamber. The drop was still thrilling and DS who just makes the height loves the ride. He gets very quiet and still but it is because his sensory is met.

    I have to say that the crowds are really peaking now and it is crowded in the parks. We met a very nice man Brian who is a CM at the travel center but he was on Dream patrol when we talked to him. We traded a pin, spoke to him for a bit to find out why he was from Minnesota but working at Disney. His grandmother dies and left him a house here so they moved because there is no mortgage. Again I thought it was wonderful how nice people share here in Disney. We went to Turtle talk with Crush next and met a wonderful CM who got on the floor and talked to DS and asked great questions that DS knew the answers. How old are you? What is your name? Then we went in early and got settled before everyone else did. It was very nice and we really appreciate the extra help.

    We were hungry but kept going when we saw the line at the hot dog place. So we were off to the pier area but ran into our friend Brian who we got to talk to again. While speaking to him a couple asked me to take a picture of them which I did and then Brian said how nice it was. I just treat people how I want to be treated, no big deal but he then gave me a very beautiful dream pin with tinkerbell on it. It is only from the dream team and a honor to be given it to me. Ok, I cried. So we do have YOMD.

    We have never seen a dream team yet at either park. I have seen many people with dream fastpasses, and there is the nice lady from Mcdonalds who got a wonderful day gift from the dream team.

    We found the pier area and were waiting in line for a corn dog when DS fell asleep right in his stroller. I was exhausted also but the we had to keep going. We were as far back as possible!

    It reminded me of the boardwalk at WDW. The area has a carnival feel with games, music and rides. We ate at the pizza place and the pasta for kids is a good deal. I got 10% off for using my Disney visa card. Always ask if there is discount for the visa or DVC members. It has worked for us so far most of the time. DS was still asleep but I did get him to eat a meatball in his sleep. His aide went to the ride that launches the people up and she loved it. I went over to talk to the DVC person and ask how hard it is to sell a DVC for florida in CA? He said it is about getting the numbers of interested people so they can judge to build a DVC at DL. He said it is going to happen in about a year. I need to post that on the DVC board.

    With DS still sleeping we went over to the Screamin! OMG, it is one heck of a coaster and I loved it! We got a parent switch and I sent his aide first. She came back all smiles and then it was my turn. I love the chile peppers so this was perfect. The wait before it goes is suspenseful and a perfect start. It was intense and I can't think of anything that compares at WDW.

    We did have a brief stop in Bug's land before we went to the pier and I love the smell of the orange blossoms before the ride. It's a bug's life is the same ride as the one at AK and it was fun to hear the people scream when the bugs leave:rotfl: DS also got into his shorts and played in the water area. He was really cute when he pulled his drawers down and wanted to the water drain. We ran him to the rest room right then.

    Ok friends, the fireworks are going to start and I want to watch with DS.

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