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Cindy B

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Oct 8, 2000
Ok, I love coaster, bring them on. BUT, I just have a fear of the dangling feet... Never been on those coasters!

I dont even like ski lifts, sky cars, those drop towers, and those carnival swings. Just gives me skeevies just thinking about it...

How bad is it? MY DH is intent on me trying it... He says I wont regret it.. Is he right? How petrifying is it?

Now I know its just a mind thing, if my feet are on something firm, I know it will be fine. Do I just drink a beer ahead of time, and just grin and bear it?

MY DH was a skydiver, so hes not afraid of anything.
Well ... I don't have a phobia in general about such things, but the thought still crosses my mind everytime I get on Dueling Dragons ...

If you really have a fear of such things, Dueling Dragons would not be a good ride for you I would say ...
Keep in mind that dangling feet means that you have a harness strapping you in so tight that you can hardly move. I don't give the feet a second thought because the big shoulder harness makes you feel very secure.
When you're on the Hulk or DD, is it possible to hold on to a backpack or is there a holding spot you can use?:)
Throughout the park there are a series of lockers that you can use for free for up to a period of 1 hour (don't know if that time period has changed though).

You choose your own locker, key in the information and off you go! :)

If the dangling feet thing really bothers you, you might want to skip the front car. I rode in the back and on the front on Dragons, and I loved them both. But the front is a bit more freaky because there is nothing in front of you. Also, you get a much better view of the other coaster approaching you - and if you're like me, you worry your feet are going to touch the feet of the people on the other coaster!!!! Yikes!

Great ride, though... if you love coasters you should check it out!

I LOVE the dangling feet. It makes you feel like you are flying (especially if you are in front). Now, I haven't been on the Coaster you are speaking of. I am speaking of "Raptor" at Cedar Point. :bounce:
My wife had the same fear until she saw that the seats were the exact same ones that they use on the HulK and all of the other new steel coasters. She thought that it would be easy to "fall out of the seat "..I think that it may be phyicaly impossible to fall out of one of thoes seats at the speeds they travel. Got to love G-forces. If you think about it the only real time that it might be possible to fall out is when your upside down, at that point you are pressed upagainst the sholder belts.
I find the Hulk much more nerve racking than DD and the dangling feet. Inverted coasters are slightly less frightening (IMO) so I would say you will not have a problem.

Sherilatte - I had a little nike backpack with me and was able to tuch it next to me on DD and the Hulk. Keep in mind this backpack is a child size. I tried wearing it on my chest but the attendant wouldn't let me because it may unhook the safety buckle.

Cindy, I think I know what you're going through. I love coasters, but have a mild but real fear of heights. I would be close to freaking out on something like a ski lift or a sky-tram. My first inverted coaster was at Bush Gardens, Tampa. Having lived, I can enjoy them now.

My problem is that "suspended in air, going to fall to m my death" feeling :D Ski lifts move slowly, allowing me to dwell on this for too long. Bush Garden's coaster and IOA's Dueling Dragons have metal mesh under the coaster's first incline, which helps a little. The mesh is about 4-5 feet from your feet. Avoid looking down, especially at the top, where the metal mesh ends and your feet are dangling in space. A split-second from the top the coaster breaks left or right and then you're moving too fast to get scared!

Hulk's coaster has the first incline totally enclosed, so I don't have to dwell on the height. Before it get half way up, the coaster blasts up the top and you're at full speed in the turns. Both Dueling Dragons and Hulk are great fun, and I would not miss a ride on both!
This is so funny, because I have no problem with the dangling feet. But I know I will never be able to get on one of those coasters that you sit on with nothing over top of you. Absolutely terrifies me:rolleyes:
Try Ice first. I recently got over my fear of roller coasters, but I went with Ice first because it wasn't as intense as Fire. (Still too chicken to go on Hulk!:))

As for the fanny pack, I found myself so tightly harnessed into the dragon that I had no fear that my fanny pack would go anywhere!
I actually had this fear but on my last trip I rode DD, Kraken and Montu at Busch Gardens. I actually got to like the feeling of my legs swinging free. Good luck


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