Dancing at Disney


DIS Veteran
Sep 6, 2017
What forum should I post in about my daughter's dance studio performing at Disney?

My daughter's dance studio announced that they will be bringing interested dancers to perform in disney in december 2020. far away, but they wanted it on our radar. we go yearly during jersey week so this is already messing me up, ha!

I'd like to learn more about it from personal experiences. The website tells only so much. The studio director didn't know all the details but mentioned dancing at Disney Springs or Animal Kingdom and possibly the opportunity to be in a parade??? Discounted tickets, etc....? She also mentioned HS shutting down for a night for all the dancers? (can't imagine that now with star wars opening, but who knows).
My friend's son is performing with his competition team in october over Columbus Day weekend, there may be different things for different groups but his group is doing a show at Disney Springs, and they get some dance classes with Disney performers but no special access to the parks or parade performing. His studio teacher has been working on a group rate for the hotels, but she's had to do all the leg work herself. Another friend's daughter danced at Disney with her studio in March and it was basically the same situation.


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