Current Incentive at Vero?


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Aug 17, 1999
Just wondering what the current incentive is at VB - and what the minimum purchase is to qualify for the incentive.

Anyone tried to add-on there lately and told their use-year was unavailable?

Thanks - I'm afraid I have "the bug," again.

My poor DH.......

We just did 2 add-ons (50 + 60 pts),this past January, our use year (sept) was available.We did the MB's for both and got the add-ons for $62 pt, we were able to get $13 off a pt. I think now it is only $10 off through MB's. We had to forfeit this years points, but we get 110pts in Sept. We did a cash add-on, no financing. I think anything below a 50 pt add-on can't be financed. We have the majority of our pts at OKW(300), but we wanted the 11 month window at VB for the winter months. :D

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