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    Jan 10, 2010
    Quick questions:
    What is the offer now? When are the dates?
    Does this change over the year?
    Do the offer change based on when you go?

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    1. Here is the e-mail I received in December, which is the current bounce back offer. It is also available for Value resorts, but as I was staying at a Moderate at the time it is not listed on the offer.

    Get 30%* off the non-discounted price
    at select Disney Moderate Resorts.
    For the perfect combination of value, amenities and recreation, look no further than a Disney Moderate Resort where
    you'll find spectacular settings, great dining options and exciting pools with slides!

    Get 35%* off the non-discounted price
    at select Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts.
    Experience homelike amenities such as kitchenettes in a studio, or ask about one- or two-bedroom deluxe villa and
    enjoy more space and extras like a full kitchen and whirlpool tub!

    Get 35%* off the non-discounted price
    at select Disney Deluxe Resorts.
    These Resorts boast the highest level of quality, convenience, theming and service around. And at each one, you'll
    discover great pools, hot tubs and more.

    For stays most nights:
    1/2-1/10/13 4/14-5/21/13 11/17-11/23/13
    1/14-1/15/13 5/28-6/8/13 11/30-12/4/13
    1/21-2/12/13 8/4-10/5/13 12/15-12/19/13
    2/24-3/9/13 10/20-11/2/13

    Book now. Call 407-939-7901 before you check out, or have your Travel Agent call!
    Ask for booking code R9O.

    2. As with most offers, you have to cancel your existing reservation and rebook. There is limited availability of rooms under the offer, so just because you and a room booked at a certain resort and cancel it, does not mean that resort is available for the offer. My experience is that most of the CMs are very helpful with trying to find the best option for you.

    3. No, but many of the resorts don't seem to be showing this offer in the rooms. Best bet is to call x8844 BEFORE you check out (bounceback reservations can only be made before you check out)

    4. I would assume you can get the offer with only staying one night - just see above and call before check out.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to ask more questions! There always seems to be a lot of confusion around bouncebacks.
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    They're now putting the bounce back offer in your Welcome packet instead of in the room. But like the PP said, you can always call extension 8844 from your room phone to see what offer is available.
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    Are those dates the only dates they'll be offering?
    We are going in late June and I'm wondering if those are still the dates they'll be offering for bounce backs or if there will be 2014 dates offered by then?

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