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    Oct 30, 2003
    Okay, you guys are confusing me. I am a first time cruiser and all this talk of formal semi-formal and which night it's on is making my head spin. There is so much going on I am afraid I'm going to miss it all. I didn't know Palo served bruch too. What time is that at? It sure is fun reading all your posts. Some of you are well versed Disney Cruise travelers. Any suggestions for us first timeres?
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    You may want to repost your message on the main Disney Cruise board. You'll probably get more interaction there.

    As for Champagne Brunch, it's only held on the seven-day Magic cruises. The days vary between the Western and the Eastern because it is traditionally only held on sea days. (The one exception is Key West day on the Western. On that day they have abbreviated hours.) I believe the brunch is usually held from 10 am to 1pm or so. It's something you DON'T want to miss!!!

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