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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by DisGirl819, Jun 14, 2009.

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    Apr 1, 2006
    I need to get my ADRs in ASAP so please tell me anything about these restaurants (we've eaten at some but not all) or if you have other suggestions. We're a family of 3 on the dining plan, 2 adults and our one year old DD. She will just eat off our plates/eat parts of our meals since she's so small anyhow and won't be on the dining plan. These are the restaurants we're thinking of eating at, we'll be there for 6 days. And we're going Aug3-10

    Chef Mickey's (breakfast or dinner?)
    Garden Grill (lunch?)
    Ohana (breakfast)
    Liberty Tree Tavern (dinner)
    Sci-Fi Dine In (lunch)
    Teppan Edo
    Le Cellier
    Tutto Italia Ristorante
    Yak & Yeti Restaurant
    Shutters at CBR (we're staying at CBR)
  2. DisneyDebRob

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    Apr 24, 2009
    This is so tough because everyone's food tastes are so different.:cool2:The only ones I would rethink might be...sci-fi(pricey for the quality) and perhaps garden grill.Chef mickeys for breakfast would be my choice.The Yak and Le Cellier are fantastic and so is ohana. Boma has some great unusual choices but you could find something for the little one.:yay:
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  4. Hoosier Mom

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    Aug 27, 2005
    We did some of these with our 1 year old. We did Garden Grill. They even brought our 1 year old a child's meal for free, but all he ate was the mashed potatoes and some of the fruit off the dessert. But he was still happy and he loved meeting the characters. There's a picture or two of it in my trip report below. I was thinking that I read somewhere that Garden Grill doesn't do lunch anymore. Maybe I'm wrong.

    We did Sci-Fi. Loved it too. I was glad we were on the dining plan because it and Coral Reef were our highest bills. I think there's a picture of it in my trip report also. We sat in a car and our son was in a high chair next to us.

    LeCellier & Coral Reef, we packed a peanut butter sandwich and apple sauce for our son. He did fine. CBR gift shop sells bread & peanut butter, also half gallons of milk. We kept the milk and a large bottle of water in our CBR frig. The sandwiches & apple sauce we packed in a soft sided cooler.

    At the sit down restaurants, once our food arrived, we went ahead and had our server put in our dessert orders so our meal would keep moving.

    Another good one we had was fish & chips and apple crumble at Rose & Crown. We liked 50's Primetime too. We had meat loaf, fried chicken, green beans, and milk shakes for our beverages plus desserts! Calorie overload, but it was fun! I think we had apple crumble again plus some angel food cake.

    That's probably more info than you asked for. But that was our experience.

    p.s. our favorite counter service was Cosmic Rays. We got cheeseburgers, fries, and chocolate cake. Great little show. We sat in the back of the room where the show is. It was not too loud at all. (I read some reviews that said the music was too loud).

    Have fun!!!!!
  5. Hoosier Mom

    Hoosier Mom DIS Veteran

    Aug 27, 2005
    Also wanted to tell you that we found out Tigger, Pooh, and Eeyore visit the UK toy store in Epcot every few minutes. So hang out in there a while until they visit. Don't forget your camera.
  6. daveyc150

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    Aug 26, 2006

    Boma - we love it there, lots of good choices and a great atmosphere, it's a beuatiful resort.
    Chef Mickey's (breakfast or dinner?) - I wouldn't eat there if it was free. It's full of screaming kids and the wait times are long even with a reservation. There are far better chracter dining places than this.
    Garden Grill (lunch?) - never eaten there
    Ohana (breakfast) - never eatern there
    Liberty Tree Tavern (dinner) - been for lunch, dinner is no longer charcter dining though, not sure if this influeneces your choices. Lunch is always good.
    Sci-Fi Dine In (lunch) - It's ok for lunch, bit of the procey side for what you get. Always think it's just a bit too dark in there.
    Teppan Edo - Love this places, good if you have a group.
    Le Cellier - Nice, good food and atmosphere, it's well overated though.
    Tutto Italia Ristorante - never eaten here.
    Yak & Yeti Restaurant - never eaten here
    Shutters at CBR (we're staying at CBR) -never eaten here

    My other favs are 50's Prime Time, Rose & Crown, Jiko & Ohana for dinner.
  7. Sharon

    Sharon Mouseketeer

    Mar 21, 2005
    Just be careful at Teppan Edo if you sit at the hibachi tables.They get very hot.
    Your 1yo may enjoy Crystal Palace at MK.

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