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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by ADisneygirl, May 28, 2007.

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    I see that Wolfgang Puck Express in DTD is listed as a counter service option. With a counter service at lunch, you get an entree or combo, dessert and beverage. Looking at the menu there, it seems they have a great selection and a lot of it is far removed from the standard burger/chicken fingers and fries option. Can any of those choice be ordered as your entree? Do they limit which things you can pick from?
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    When we went in Sept, there were two items that we couldn't use on the DDP that were over $10 - one was meatloaf, can't remember the other. I don't see either on the menu posted online at allearsnet so maybe they removed them?

    If I remember right, the dessert option was cookie or brownie and drink was fountain drink/tea (not bottled) but we ran into that at several places so weren't surprised.

    Still great food and a great value - we really loved dining here!
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    From the Dining Plan FAQ for this forum:
    There is a lot of great information in the FAQ that you may want to know about as you're considering or planning on using the Dining Plan. The FAQ can be found here:
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    This is a great way to use a CS credit. In fact we ended up using it for a dinner one night because the food is so filling! The pizza's are not your average everday style. I think the only thing that I remember from March that was not included was the linguini with Chicken Bolognese. They do make a notation on the sign when you order which ones were not included.

    I would try it a great way to use the credit and save a TS for a signature dinning or a character breakfast.
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    We had the same in August last year. It was me, DH and DD(then 5). We got one pasta dish and one cheese pizza meal, a soda, a milk, a choc chip cookie (large) and a brownie (too dry). DH drank water. It was a great meal for our first night/travel day.

    It is very close to the Earl of Sandwich, which has gotten thumbs up from many on the boards, so it would be very to include meals from there if everyone didn't want WPE.

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