Connections - Sesame & Six Flags



Does anyone know the discount price for Sesame Place & Great Adventure. Please put both adult and child prices. I want to see if Connections is really worth it. Also what benefits do you get from Toys R Us? I love these boards. I was up until 3:00 A.M. looking for deals! I'm hooked on
Sesame Place -- Adult $29.70, Child $29.70
Great Adventure -- no price posted right now -- might be because of the time of year

Price includes taxes and shipping.

Haven't used the gift cards yet, but you get $5 credit at the end of month for every $25 card you buy -- there is a limit of how many you can buy 15 a year I believe.

The cards also come with expiration dates, though you can return those you don't use.
Just figured i'd add that you can get buy one get one free GAdv tickets easily with the coupons all over soda cans;)
Thank you very much for the info on Sesame Place & Great Adventure.

We are planning on going to Sesame Place in May and use their Elmo Passport. You get 2 days for the price of 1 which is 36.95 for 2y.o. thru adult.
Yes, It is $36.95 for a two day pass. You have to buy one and then upgrade (free of charge for the second day) I wrote Sesame a letter asking if I bought the pass through connections can I upgrade at the gate. I'm waiting for a respond. Then connections would be cheaper. I want to see how many discounts I can actually use with connections. Do they offer any other discounts for disney like Universal or Seaworld????? I really appreciate the comments and suggestions.
NORIELNJ, Please post when you get an answer from Sesame Place.. We went last year and loved it. BTW on the 2nd day passes last year they were not good on Friday and Saturday. I don't know if that would be the same but I would think so. They are very busy those days.


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