Conflicting messages in ticket email


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May 11, 2019
I'm wondering what the text in this image means? It's sending two different messages. Will tickets be delivered to us or will we receive them once we scan into the park? Or if we haven't received them, do we have to wait to get the paper version?


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Did you get the e-ticket? If yes, just go ahead to the turnstile and they will void the e-ticket and give you a regular credit card sized paper ticket.
If not (I do not know why/when this happens), go to the ticket booth...
When you first buy etickets, they send you a confirmation email, but it usually says something like,”This is not your ticket, we will email your etickets.” It can take up to 24 hours to get them in a separate email. Those will say “This is your ticket, print out and take to turnstiles.” Or I think you can scan the barcode into your Disney app on your phone and show that, but I always opt for the hard copy in case of phone problems. Then when you get to the turnstiles, they scan them, take your picture, and hand you a credit- card sized cardboard ticket.
eTickets are just a bar code that can be scanned off your phone or print on paper and take to turnstile. At the turnstile they scan your eTicket bar code then the machine spits out a card stock ticket which will be you actual park admission ticket.

Disneyland operates on e-tickets as far as I know. Once your e-ticket is sent to your e-mail link it your account through the Disneyland App downloaded to your phone (I think that's the easiest way since the app is useful for many things).

The first time you go into the parks they'll scan the e-ticket (and take your picture) and the machine will spit out a paper ticket which you then can use for the rest of the time OR you can continue to use your e-ticket linked to your account on the Disneyland App.


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