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Mar 15, 2001
I was just wondering what all can be collected on a trip to Disney. I know you can get autographs, coins pressed and pins, but is there anything else that anyone knows of that you could collect. Oh yeah the signitures in World Showcase is another. Does anyone know of anything else? Thanks!
I pick up a few postcards every trip - especially of whatever struck me as special on that trip. I have some really old ones, with attractions that aren't around anymore - like the old Alice in Wonderland attractions in the MK, Horizons, World of Motion, etc. They are great to go back and look at, and real memory joggers too. At one time I was writing notes on the back of each - sort of trip journal notes, although I've stopped doing that for some reason.
ok, I forgot - I pick up one 'good' copy of a map from each park while I'm there (one I don't use). I like seeing how the parks change over time, and I like my old map of MGM where you can really see Mickey's face. (before Sunset Blvd)
Buy a Holiday ornament for each trip as a special rememberance. Another neat momento is each time you go to pick a spot a park and have your picture taken there each year to see how your family grows.


I used to get silhouettes done every year - it started when I first went to Disney at 14 years old (ok, so I'm old now) and I got one every visit for years. They used to be fairly cheap (I think they are still inexpensive) and made really nice souvenirs. I'd forgotten about these. I'll have to get another one next time!
they have those new coins there at disney that comes with the map you can buy seperately of course...I think its of things from the parks.....and there's the pressed pennies and pressed quarters....those are pretty neat! they even have a book to put them in.

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How about keychains, magnets, menus, & inkpens or pencils? Relativly inexpensive. They used to have big pins/badges and sew-on patches but they are hard to find w/ the advent of pin trading. :(

Thanks for responding everyone, You have all given me some great suggestions.
My 6 yr old DS collects frisbees. It all started with the kids' meal at the Sci- Fi. He has about 10 now. They only cost a few dollars and we hang them on his wall with push pins.

I read that someone else on these boards had a bracelet with a new charm for each WDW visit. I'd like to start one too - though mine will look pitiful with just one little charm on it! (We'll be going in May).

Yes, I read that too about the charm bracelet. Thank you for posting, I had forgotten about it. I wrote it on my list so I will not forget again. I agree it is a great idea.


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