Collectible Internet Pin?


Jan 21, 2000
While surfing the WDW site in anticipation of our 2/18- 2/23 trip, my kids found "virtual" pins to collect. Once they got all 5, they were able to print out a certificate that says they are "Disney Super Pin Collectors" and can get a free Internet Pin with the purchase of any MM pin . What is this Collectible Internet Pin? Any pics available? Thanks!
Hi Steve,

The internet pin is on Pinpics #7161.

It is the Sorcerer sitting at the computer.

You have to buy the Interactive WDW pins to receive this pin free. It is a cool pin and the interact pins are such fun, but a little pricey. They interact with shows - my favorite interaction is with Fantasmic, and parades and windows on Main Street. I truly believe they interact with the sensors in the Ladies Room, but no will confirm that for me.

Have a great time in Disney World. WE will be missing each other. I arrive there on February 23, but go right to the cruise line.

If you need cruise pins let me know.

I have a question. If I buy the virtual pins at the hat and have the certificate and they are out of the free pin, can I get one later during my vacation if they get re-stocked (obviously if I have my receipt and certificate)? The certificate says the free pin is only available at the "hat" at MGM, so does that mean I can't buy the pin elsewhere, but pick up the free pin at the "hat"?
I would ask about that when you went to purchase an interactive pin there. They may make some execptions. Note that the certificate is only good until June or something. I got mine on the first day, but never used the interactive pins. I did not buy all of them, and the one that I really wanted was sold out. I found it at the airport store & then was nervous that it was going to be taken away from me when I went thru security. No problems whatsoever!

You should be able to purchase the pins, and as long as you have the receipt and the certificate, you can get the "free" Sorcerer Mickey pin later on. My friend was down in Oct. and they were out of the Sorcerer pin. She gave me her receipt and her certificate and I was able to get the pins for her. She just had the CM put a note on the receipt.
Hope this helps!

They were out when we were there in Oct, too. We went back three days later (our last day) WITH our receipt form the Sorcerer's Hat Shop and our certificate and they were STILL out, so the CM wrote down our name and address and we received the pins in the mail about 4 weeks later! I hope they won't be out'd think the'd get an idea of the demand by now. And yes, if you want the free pin, you must buy the interactive pin at that particular store. You get one free pin for each interactive pin you buy there, to a limit of I think four per person. We didn't go to Studios until the 3rd day, so we bought two interactive pins for the kids elsewhere (they are so worth having having for the fun during parades and fireworks) and bought our own at Studios. Have a great time!
Thanks, everybody, for the help. Darlene, thanks for the Pinpics number, as well as the offer to pick up Cruise pins. How about one of each? Sorry we'll miss each other at WDW.


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