Coffeemaker at ASMu?


Earning My Ears
Mar 5, 2000
No. At least you couldn't one year ago. We were there the last week of March. I called and asked if it was possible, but they said it wasn't an amenity offered at the value resorts, only moderates and higher. We just used our refillable mugs and I send my DH to fill them (since he can look "presentable" much quicker than I)!

Princess Tess

Feb 15, 2001
We were just there in January, they do not have coffee makers, I brought my own (for tea) and rented a mini fridge $10 daily, but having said that I would either A.) buy the refillable mug, $8.95 seems expensive but at $2 a soda it is economical in the end..or B.) bring a coffe maker and then purchase milk at the food court and keep it chilled in your ice bucket.


Earning My Ears
Dec 28, 2000
We were there in March and I brought a hot pot...also good for hot cereal etc... I brought non dairy creamer and packets of sugar and I was set!


<font color=FF66FF>Hostess of the new Tag Fairy Ch
Dec 16, 2000
I bought a 3 cup coffeemaker at a local discount store for about $10 awhile back. I keep it
in it's small box for traveling. Sure it's saved me twice that in coffee prices so far. We bring a small bag of decaf and one of regular, and get creamers at food courts and keep 'em cold in the ice bucket.

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