Coaster rollback


Nov 3, 2000
On the "cold weather" topic CoasterFEV mentioned the risk of a rollback on the Hulk or Dueling Dragons. I was just wondering, just how do you go about fixing the situation should one occur?
Actually there's no pushing these. You use a crane and dismantle the train on the track. You remove one car at a time. Then you take the pieces back to the maintenance area and put them back on, one at a time, re-assembling the train.

This was done on all of the coasters as part of the pre-opening testing. It pretty much takes all day. Fortunately it's very unlikely to happen on either coaster. In case you didn't know the risk is much higher at Hulk. It is the only coaster that if you simply drop the train off at the top of the "hill" it will not make it back around the track.
This is all so interesting since I am currently in the process of trying to build up my courage to try the roller coasters in March. Thank you all so much. ;)

Thanks for the quick responses!

Molokai, sorry for bringing it up, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. The coaster gods will surely smile upon you. :)
Which means if Rollback were to occur on hulk they would have to both evac and dismantle? Yikes, how would they do that over water? or Under the bridge? Just curious...
You have to do that on Hulk and Dragons. As long as the train is mechanically healthy, Hulk won't stop over the water. It stops in the back of the house. If for some reason it was necessary, the water isn't an issue. Next time you go, look over the bridge out towards the lagoon. The large elevated area actually drains down in just a few minutes. There's a large hydraulic platform in the floor that raises to the height of the area concrete. The handrail behind the popcorn stand opens up, they drive a large HiReach out, lower it down, and drive it out to the end of the track. It's done at night as part of the track inspection.

Two more question on that subject:

On hulk, if they did a e-stop on hulk, and the coaster stoped in the rear on the braking zone before the pics (right before the last drop), would the coaster be able to continue from there?

Also, has there ever been a situation on the Hulk lift to which the deluge water system had to be activated? (Fire Surpression)

Thanks for your ensight!
Hulk can recover from a stop in any braking zone. They are used as part of the automatic stop system when the ride system detects an error.

As far as the deluge system goes, no, not ever, and hopefully never. If that system goes off the consequences would be huge. I hope we never see it happen.
Agreed, I assumed by the very name "deluge" it would have terrible consequences...Let's hope that never happens.


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