CM almost cost me my Cindy's reservation!

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by batt01, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. batt01

    batt01 Mouseketeer

    Oct 30, 2003
    This morning marked my 90 day window for making reservations at Cindy's on 2/9/04. We prefer to eat as close to 8:00am as possible so that we can be ready for the "rope drop" at 9:00am.

    I called in at exactly 6:58:30 and was actually connected! (I didn't think I would be connected until 6:59:45, the first call was just a test call.)

    So - I thought - GREAT - I got through so early, I must be ahead of everyone else this morning.

    I went ahead and flew through the automated marketing questions by pressing 1-2-1-1 and very quickly a live voice answered.

    I then, very politely interruped her welcome, and said "Very quickly please, Cindy's Royal Table, Feb. 9, party of 7, as early as possible.

    THEN - instead of trying to get this for me she asked "Are you staying on Disney property? I quickly said "Yes - please hurry!" She then went on to ask if I had transportation as Disney does not provide transportation early in the morning, etc. etc etc! I said - "PLEEEEZ - quickly! I understand that!"

    SHe then came back with "I have 9:00 available" Shoot! I quickly asked don't you have anything earlier? She said "Yes, I have 8:15 - but you realize that you will need transportation...." I then cut her off by yelling out "TAKE IT". THEN she said - "0h, now it's gone - I have 8:25".

    So - I took the 8:25! (Which I am happy with - but 8:15 would have been better).

    After all was said and done and the reservation was made I asked her if this was a standard question that CM's were now asking. SHe never answered my question but she defended her reason for asking me.

    I understand that there might be confusion regarding transportation to early PS resos (last time we stayed on Disney property we had to get a taxi to take us to the MK in time for our 8:15 PS at Crystal Palace). HOWEVER, by trying to explain this to me before getting me my reservation she almost cost me any reservation at all! ON TOP OF THAT she offered me the 9:00 reservation first, even when there was something earlier because she didn't think I understood the transportation issue. I think she could have waited until after she locked in the time I requested (as early as possible) to discuss the logistics with me! It especially is maddening because it seems that the conversation would have been much shorter if I had just said NO to her question if I was staying on property - that way she wouldn't have had to go into the transportation issue assuming that I had a car. I thought it was supposed to pay to stay on property.

    Anyways - I am thrilled that I have the reservation and realize that there is not much difference between a PS at 8:05 or 8:25. Once you arrive at the podium they seem to take whoever is there first.

    Interestingly enough - another member of our party was trying at the same exact time for their family. She didn't connect until 6:59:59 and wound up with a reservation at 8:05 (also for a party of 7)! Her CM never discussed the transportation issue.

    Moral of the story - if you are trying to make PS for Cindys - be prepared to quickly say "I have transportation" if asked!
  2. MinnieGi

    MinnieGi DVC/BWV & HHI

    Nov 3, 2001
    Hmm. Maybe she was new? I've never been asked about the transportation issue and we just made a ps last week for Cindy's. I always ask right away after I tell them I'm calling for Cindy's, "earliest seating time available, please."

    I'm glad you did get something early as you wanted. We have done the 8:20 time twice in a row and have loved it. By the time we are done Fantasyland is still empty and we are able to hop on quite a few rides without a wait!

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  4. MJwritestuff

    MJwritestuff Mouseketeer

    Aug 16, 2003
    Wow! I've been to WDW three times, (and am happily returning in 4 days-yay!) but have never been to the castle to eat. Is it that out of this world that one would seem to have to be, well, kinda rude to the people on the phones to get a ressie? No disrespect here, but it seems like loudly interrupting someone who is doing their job borders on the rude.

    Or maybe it's worth it - I don't know! Like I said, our family has never eaten there, so if it's that much better than the other character breakfasts, let me know!

  5. Madi100

    Madi100 DIS Veteran

    Apr 25, 2000
    If you have never made reservations for Cinderella's breakfast, you don't realize how hard they are to get. This person called in that early and reservations were quickly being taken. MOST of the CM's realize how hard these reservations are to come by, and some have even said it is a contest for the CM's to see how many of the Cinderella's reservations they can make. You are just as short and quick as you can possibly be until you have that rerservation made. Then you can chit chat.
  6. jacksonsmom

    jacksonsmom <font color=blue>Can you guess who I am a mom for?

    Feb 23, 2003
    Sorry about almost losing the PS!!!
    I have never been asked those questions when making the PS, especially for Cindy's. Usually the CMs understand how hard it is to get those!! ::yes::

    Luckily you got a PS though, better then not getting one.
  7. jwfla422

    jwfla422 DIS Veteran/Philly Native

    Apr 21, 2000
    A similar thing happened to me a few months back when making that early call, she was so slow I almost lost a PS altogether, I was quite annoyed!

    But, I can tell you I called for CRT's the other day at 3:30 in the afternoon and there were several choices still available for 90 days out from that day which was surprising. But, I've been reading more and more posts about this happening since they changed the policy to 90 days (don't really know why that would make such a difference).

    When I made my PS the other day the CM did NOT ask for a credit card which I thought was strange and I even asked her and she said I didn't need it. I called back the next day to check and apparently I did need one, they didn't cancel my PS or anything but the CM then said they would have called.

    She also informed me that they have a lot of new CMs working in Disney Dining so that must be what you've run into. But, luckily she didn't cost you a PS, if that ever happens call later in the day and ask to speak to a supervisor. You should be fine with the 8:25, just get there a few minutes earlier and you should be done by 9:15-9:30. Have fun!
  8. EsmeraldaX

    EsmeraldaX DIS Veteran

    Aug 7, 2003
    I hate to say it, but I have NEVER had a good experience calling the CMs . NEVER. When I called to make my PS for the HDD recently, I had to call three times before I got a CM who spoke English that I could decipher and then THAT woman had no clue about PS at all.

    The last time I called the CM was very rude.

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