Closing PIN MEETS!!!!!!!

Zayne & Xavier's DAD

Mac Daddy of PIN KARMA!
Oct 14, 1999
So like was 1:30 am....& Saturday at poly it was 2:30 am .....Vinnie mac, Nat, & me closed out the pin meets......Friday at contemp we had Tinkerbell with us & Saturday night we had Mike with us.....this is what happens when you get the disfunctional illegitimate brothers together!!!! ANYWAY...friday I was able to summon much PIN KARMA & got everything I was looking for ....saturday was almost as good....did well ....could have done better........Nat is never going home, I may have an extra mouth or 2 for christmas .....but we'll see......gotta love these guys!!!
I'm not going to even mention some of the things that were said in the weeeeeee hours since we were delerious at the time......but I was laughing so hard I think I woke people up in both hotels...LOL!
OH WELL as nat would say,want to hear something funny...go on space mountain with ZX DAD

Met some cool people & gave out the D.I.S. pin to get new members coming on....hope they join us.....also met quentindisney, saw Pintrader & Raul as usual.....A RARE SCOTTAMICKEY appearance.....Vinniemac & Nat...mickeypins......Perdita & Pongo......Probably more if I would get my head out of me bum & pay more attention but somethimes the pepsi makes me loopy........OH WELL!!!!

Had agreat time....shameless PLUG...if you come to disney go to either or both the FRIDAY contemporary meet & SATURDAY Polynesian meet, they are both great!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
All I can say is, you better be there on December 28th. It's about killed me that I didn't get down to Orlando this fall. Hearing about all the fun you are having in my absence was a mixed blessing - I love hearing about my friends but hate that I'm not there. So line up the sitter and put it on your calendar in ink....Contemporary - 7:00pm - December 28th. I'll bring the Pepsi! (I'll even get cold stuff this time since I'll have a car.)
We recieved a phone call from the Poly last night! I only got to talk to Kathryn for about 2 minutes but Matthew talked for awhile and was passed around from person to person. Sounds like they were having a great time!
Now that I finally have a "face" to associate with you on the DIS, I will never forget you for some reason. It's that personality that shows up even in the way you write your posts. Compared to me, in which my posts and personality are flat and quiet.

I made some great trades with XXD, including a Lanyard trade (He said that he couldn't get into the hotseat for Millionaire, so I had an extra one on me). That was a first.

I hope to see you real soon.

Closing meets is a tradition! I like to enjoy them for as long as I can....even when it means that I can't seem to remember where I parked my rental car. Can't believe that I am already home. This trip went fast and I didn't even waste more than a few hours of it sleeping. I enjoyed meeting some new people in person and I also enjoyed doing some trading with Steve, Nat, Scott, and Susan (T-nut). Wish I could stay down there like Nat for weeks at a time.
Steve drinks Pepsi after Pepsi the man has caffeine for blood, he's like the energizer bunny… he keeps going and going. Has the women convinced if you rub his head you get great pin Karma.

But Steve was a great help to me in converting Becky a 12 year old newbie trader into a supertrader, we taught her tricks like crying for pins to cast members, hold your breath until they buy an LE… you know stuff like that. Her mother even thanked us as she walked away she held up a middle finger to us, as a gesture of saying you guys are my #1 fan.

As for Nat, he takes short as I call them Nat naps. He sits start a conversation and doses off but his brain has been trained to trigger at certain words like. Trade, Pin, Holy grail, Tokyo traders, and pinbag open past yellow sheet.

All in all guys you all had me beat, midnight was the most this poor trader could go, but then again give a ready made bed not more than 4 miles from my pin meets, and that's a different situation altogether.

Next time we'll do a pin off… Last trader to leave gets a last trader standing pin.:p


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