close to selling out??


Earning My Ears
Aug 7, 2002
does anyone know how close dvc is to selling out all spots at h.h v.b and b.c.v.'s? i would like to buy at one of the resorts as a add on but need a little more time to save the money. when do they expect to sell out?:bounce: :p
This is probably pretty close-

HH- most use years sold out
VB- I know Sept use year was sold out (I got the last points), but they juggled points from other use years to cover more Sept sales (possibly buy backs). In short, possibly a couple use years sold out.
BCV- Around 50% sold. It was 40% a month or two ago, so I am just guessing there.

Good Luck! :cool:
By report, only April and June were available at HH though I suspect a few points will straggle through for other use years. The post card I got recently did list only the 2 above months were available.
I'd give your guide a call and ask to be notified when it looks like your use year is about to sell out. You can make the decision then and concentrate on saving $$ for now.

I was told by my guide the BCV was over 40% on 8/3. I bought that day!!!! Said the next resort wouldn't be for 2 years at the institute.
Hopefully BCV won't be completely sold by the time we get the in October, because DH is talking about buying more points:bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce:
Asked about a BCV add-on last week and was told that we will not be a problem until next year.
Understand they are now expecting BCV to sellout by mid 2003. The earliest sellout date we have ever heard was during the first quarter of 2003.

ralphd :) :) :) :)

Ignorance shining through again. But what use year did BCV start selling, and what are they up to now?
When I bought last weekend, they were"backdating" to March use year. You could change to sooner if you wanted but March was as far back as they would go. The supposed benifit here is you get all points for this year but start over in only 6 months. You also pay a prorated maint fee but still get all points. The only "down" side I see is you pretty much have to decide quickly that you want to use or bank because you start off with only 1 month or less to bank 50% this years points.
But what use year did BCV start selling, and what are they up to now?

They started selling February use years when the BCV's first became available but that was only to people who were not already DVC owners. Mine was an add on and I purchased a September use year at that time. All use years became available at once. It all depended on whether you were adding on or a first time buyer.


I purchased points at BCV last Friday, and one of my concerns with the March use year was the issue of Banking points. He told me that there is a grace period the first year that your buy in regarding your ability to bank 100% of the points, due to the uncerntainty of when you will close.

He assured me that I should have no problem banking all of my points even though the August 31st deadline passes befor my closing.

Anyone else hear anything different?
I wasn't told about that but it won't be an issue with me. I've already booked 2 trips this year and have only 28 points left over to use or bank. I'm on the wait list for BCV in OCT where I'm already booked at OKW so if that comes though, I'll use an extra 4 points for that. I'll use the rest or bank 'em by Dec anyway which is the normal 25% deadline I believe for March. Thanks for the info.


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