Charecter Autographs

Dave Cousins

May 2, 2000
Hi Guys,

Could someone list which charecters sign Autographs in US & IOA??

Thanks in advance,
I know for a fact that all of the Marvel SuperHeroes sigh autographs. Spiderman was a really cool guy when I met him too. The thing I like the best, was this five year old who was terrified of the Green Goblin when he went up to meet him. The next time the Green Goblin saw him, he screamed and hid behind the kid's mom. The kid wasn't afraid anymore.Irrelevant story, but cute.

"There is no Fate but what we make for ourselves."
At U.S. we got: Scooby Doo
Winnie Woodpecker
Boo Boo
Woody Woodpecker
A couple guys for Ghostbusters
Alot of the characters this last time were out early right out front. Then we didn't see anymore the rest of the day. We saw others but couldn't get their autographs. My daughter wanted the Flintstones, never saw them.


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