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May 9, 2006
Does anyone know of a listing of the characters we can meet from DL & DCA online? I can make one myself (working on it now) but seems there are always changes and I'm afraid I'll miss some. I know there are some on the list that never appear at WDW any more so I want to make sure to catch them.
The DLR app has a listing of which characters are doing M&Gs each day, along with locations and times. Also, DLR has roaming characters that don't do set M&Gs -- you just have to watch for them. And there are fun things like musical chairs with Alice and the Mad Hatter -- that takes place at Refreshment Corner every day in the early afternoon. Ask the pianist for the exact time that day.
Are there specific characters that you're looking for?
I've noticed the Queen, Cruella, Eeyore, Capt Hook and the Mad Hatter that are impossible or nearly impossible to see at WDW. We live close to WDW so have had opportunity to see a lot of the ones listed on the app but wasn't sure who else will pop up. I've been looking at the app for a while now but just wondering if there was an online list somewhere that I can print out. My youngest has special needs and this is the highlight of her trip (plus we've never been to DL or DCA before - sooooo excited). Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!
Definitely ask about musical chairs at Refreshment Corner on Main Street -- the Mad Hatter will be there and will play with the kids! Have you thought about doing a character breakfast? Minnie's at Plaza Inn in DL has the most characters. People report seeing 9-11 characters on average. Capt. Hook can be found in the mornings in FL with Peter Pan -- they roam -- and he's also at Minnie's at Plaza Inn. There used to be a list that you could request at City Hall, but now most CMs just say to look at the app. If you want to see Stitch, do Donald's character breakfast at PPH.

Characters are on the app. Some aren't listed though. Keep your eye out for them. That's how I've found some of the rare ones.
Evil Queen is normally near the walkway by Matterhorn. I've also seen her near the wishing well.
Cruella I've seen roam near Town Square
Captain Hook is often at Plaza Inn, or he roams Fantasyland. He's the character I see roaming around the most.
Mad Hatter is normally with Alice. I've seen them at Coke Corner for the musical chairs, or they are skipping around Fantasyland.
Eeyore is at Pooh Corner and Plaza Inn sometimes
One more thing, depending on the time of the year you come, certain ones are out more. For example, during Lunar New Year, you will see Mulan and Mushu. During Halloween time you will see a lot of villains like Jafar, Queen of Hearts, mean guy from Hunchback of Notre Dame (sorry I don't remember his name lol).

I understand your problem. My DD totally is into characters. The App is her new favorite thing and constantly is checking it to see what characters are out. You know your child better than anyone, but, here is what I do to help my DD. She looks at the App and then makes a list of the characters she wants to see. You could help with this and help guide this process. I kind of go through and get an idea of where they are and when they are usually there. I work that into our touring. I have limited the number of characters in the past because I find that is all that we could do - no other attractions. I have either done so many a day or 1 day devoted to characters. A lot of times, the characters have a cast member with them. I have approached them when we have been standing in line and the character needs to go backstage. They will let you know when and where to stand for when they come back. They will also let you know which character is taking their place. I have found they have been very accommodating and have even occasionally given my DD some pixie dust experiences.

Watch for the roaming characters as well. Mary Poppins and Bert are frequently walking through Fantasyland. Peter Pan is frequently by Pixie Hollow. Jack Sparrow is often by Pirates/Rivers of America.

I have found that meeting Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse around Main Street to be better than meeting them in Toon Town.

I also do character meals. Goofy's Kitchen for dinner or Plaza Inn for breakfast are our favorites. However, we have done PPH breakfast with Stitch in the past and had a total blast with Stitch. He was so interactive with my DD.

One experience that my DD will never forget that I would like to share. It was later in the day and we were leaving the park. There weren't a lot of people leaving at that time and it didn't seem overly crowded. I was walking ahead of my DD and suddenly I heard "Mom!" I turned around and here was Goofy walking right behind my DD. He was reaching his hands around in front of her face. It was kind of terrifying to my DD. However, I just looked at Goofy and said, "Goofy are you trying to follow us to the hotel?" and I laughed. Goofy had already realized that my DD was frightened and he had kind of backed off. He picked up on my reaction and come up to me and grabbed me by the arm and started walking along with me. I told my DD to come on the other side of Goofy and the 3 of us walked to the train station arm in arm.

My DD is totally in love and obsessed with Piglet. Piglet hasn't been out the last 3 years when we have been there. My DD keeps asking. The last time we stayed at the DLH, at check in, my DD was telling the CM checking us in that she "hoped Piglet was visiting." The CM left and came back with an autographed picture of Piglet. My DD was in heaven.

I hope you have a great trip!
I’ve seen rabbit once before front of haunted mansion when critter country was closed. And he was heading out on break so we didn’t get to see him


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