changing guards at sheraton palace

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    Feb 27, 2002
    Just to recap Amanda and I have managed to negotiate one day’s stay with out causing an international incident so a lot of people back at work have lost money on their bets.

    Score so far
    Amanda - 1 unsigned passport and a Penknife with screwdriver 2 points
    Tanya - 1 Unsigned Credit Card 1 point.

    Day Two part 1

    The changing of the guard at Sheraton Palace

    When we went to bed last night we were woken up at about 11:30 by a group of small noisy objects playing in the playground that was situated about 10 yards from our room, grimacing but kept cool, knowing that these little dears were on holiday just like me however at midnight was still awake listening to small noisy objects and by someone getting Ice from the ice machine around the corner, after about 10 minutes of listening to the Ice clatter into the ice bucket I could stand no more, and shouted out the door “how much ice can one person need”….hastily shut the door in case they knew who said it, always aware of the dangers of talking to people you don’t know.
    Fell asleep again to be woken up by a man yelling outside our hotel room door…
    “Hi bob, yep, yep, is it oh it’s 4.30 here what’s the time their really ok, well we need to organise a meeting blah blah blas”
    Bob was obviously somewhere else in the world and the very pain in the butt
    Man in the room next to us was shouting for America, as I can only presume that his Mobile phone was not working properly and he felt he had to make personal contact across the seas.
    Decisions decisions, what to do, this of course could be a trap set up by the immigration officer at Orlando. I’ve seen those films, cause a commotion and the perp (see I can even speak the lingo) runs out and bam they’ve got you. Arrested for a crime you did not commit. So I decided to wait until he had finished broadcasting his message throughout the world, and marched to reception, it was now 5:15.
    “Hello nice Mrs receptionist, I would like to change rooms please”
    “Why mam”
    “Well if I don’t move rooms I feel that their could be a national incident of very high proportions, because I might kill the man and the small noisy objects in the playground and cannot be held responsible for my actions towards the Ice machine who I understand is an innocent party in this matter but the immigration man at orlando is just waiting for me to do something and he’ll arrest me, have I made myself clear”
    “Yes mam, feel free to move to room 402 right over the other side of the complex as soon as you wish”
    Well that was easy I thought to myself, as I turned around the very noisy man from the room next door was checking out, gave him a very long Paddington type stare and trotted off to the telephone so I could phone Dh as it was now about11: 30 back home. Spoke to DH (boy did I miss him) ran out of money so he said he would phone me back later, sat outside, asked for a coffee and a very nice waiter bought me one and did not charge me for it. Went back to room to tell Amanda who had slept through the whole event, that Guess what, we’re changing rooms.
    As I entered the room Amanda was sitting up in bed having a coffee
    “So then” she says
    “We’re moving then, “ she said.
    “Wow that’s spooky I thought. “ how did you know that, did they keep you awake as well”
    “ No I had a phone call from England, your husband just phoned to say, you do realise that she’s moving rooms”

    Well Amanda found that amusing, I’ve arranged to move rooms and she hears about it from England. I promise her we wont move again, and anyway hopefully a move will put the immigration officer off of the scent. Having just finished unpacking we packed again, and trotted over to room 402, which was 3 blocks away. On the way I had to rescue my knickers, as I had not shut my suitcase properly and me undies were falling out in a trail behind me. Amanda has now declared that the points are now even, as I have caused great chaos in the hotel. New room identical to old one but a much nicer view. No ice machine, no playground.

    Cup of coffee and off to get the bus to epcot…………….
  2. squitty

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    Mar 7, 2001
    Well worth the read....LOL...:)

    Im off the read part 2 now.
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  4. udnylad

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    Apr 14, 2002
    Ahh, you were just trying to leave some clues for the the immigration officer with the trail of knickers ;)

  5. WDWfan uk

    WDWfan uk <font color=red>.... but you can call me Shirley :

    Aug 21, 1999
    LOL :D :D !! Really funny - it isn't amusing being kept awake and then being woken up a couple of hours later, but it's the way you tell it :D :D
    ( Has Amanda read your reports :D ?)
  6. SpottyDog

    SpottyDog Guest

    This is turnin into an epic,Tanya. I like it!
  7. CarolynU

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    Feb 28, 2002
    Tanya these are really funny. We were once kept awake by some young people keep setting the fire alarm off in the middle of the night so I know how you feel. Carolyn
  8. Janice

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    Aug 18, 1999
    LOL - really entertaining Tanya, so funny :)

    The image of you chasing your Knickers round the Hotel! ROFLOL

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