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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by iluvtink, May 5, 2004.

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    Does anyone have ressies on SW to go anywhere, like maybe Orlando? :) I had booked 2 seats out to Oakland in June, and the tickets were $356.80 a piece. I just checked the prices again, and there were some new seats available for $99 on the "going out" trip! Even though I booked on line, I called SW and the agent talked me through this... I had to change each of the two seats separately because I wanted to get online boarding passes...

    With the agent on the phone looking at my first reservation on her computer, I went ahead and booked the 1st seat at 99.00 and went all the way to the window that said "apply ticketless travel funds." As soon as I was there, the agent cancelled my existing seat, and then I immediately was able to apply those funds to the new seat. (As soon as I had pushed the "purchase this ticket" button, my seat was held so that no one could get it during the time I was cancelling and re-entering my info for the new seat.) I did that twice in a row, once for each ticket, and the ticket agent was so nice and helpful. I just saved $80!!! Check it out!:hyper:

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    You can do the same thing with two browser windows open. Which is essentially what you did.

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