Change in 180 day ADR rule?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by justwinnie, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. justwinnie

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    Apr 30, 2006
    Have they changed the 180-day rule for making ADRs when they made other changes (ticket prices, DDP) last Sunday? I know if you're staying on property, it was 180 + up to 10 days out.

    I made room only reservations last Saturday (8/5) for 2/9 - 2/13/07. I asked how soon I could start making ADRs and was told they were only taking reservations up to 2/1/07 that day and I should call back 8 days later on 8/13 to start making my ADRs.

    However, I called tonight to change ADRs on an upcoming trip in Sept and on a lark, asked about February.

    I was told that ADRs could be made 190 days in advance that I would have to call day by day for each day of my stay. She said they were already booking for 2/15/07 so I could make all the ADRs for my trip!!!

    I couldn't get ADRs at CRT for my first choice day (2/10/07) and had to settle for a 10:10 AM ADR on 2/11/07. I couldn't believe that I wasn't able to even get an early morning ADR! I guess I should be happy I got something-- I would have been sooo upset if everything was booked when I called at the 180 day mark.

    Is there a change? Or was one of the CMs wrong?
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    AFIAK: The CM who said "190 days" was wrong. It's still 180+10 -- no day-by-day necessary for the first ten days of your Disney resort stay.
  3. The Sweetness

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    Jan 31, 2003
    If I had to call day by day, for ADRs, I would not do the DDP. I would have at the most 3 ADRs, and those ONLY if I could get my first choice for rest, at the time that I wanted (4:30 - 5:15). 9 days of that kind of anxiety would give me a flippin' coronary :guilty:
  4. mom2taylorandemily

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    Jun 14, 2006
    We are going in Dec. and I have to say that I also had trouble with my ADR's when I was trying to arrange everything. I was told when I made my ressie for the WL that I could call at the 180 out mark and book for 10 days on my stay. Ok, so I call for all my ADR's one morning at 6:59 am so I could get thru, I was looking for the coveted CRT for breakfast for DD's birthday. I was trying to get that for the 3rd day of my trip. I was told that for the CRT you could only call at the 180 day mark. Well, OK, so I made the rest of my ADR's and I decide to call back in 3 days to make the ADR for CRT.

    Well, I call the night before to have my prompts ready that I need to push at 6:59am the next day, and someone picks up the phone so I go ahead and explain to the nice lady who answers the phone what I was trying to do and she explains that someone should have been able to give me my request for CRT 2 days ago when I called and she will check to see if there are any seats left. She comes back and says that it is all sold out. I was crushed, I got very upset and she got one of her supervisors on the line and then he explained that infact someone could have given me my seat when I called the first time, because they release 10% of the seating for the +10 calls. So he says call back first thing in the am and I should get my table.

    Long story coming to the end. I got my table but the CM's at the call center, if that is where they get the calls need to have their story straight on the ADR's, ressies and all other issues Disney. It is very confusing when you get told 10 different things and none of it makes sense.

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