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Earning My Ears
Feb 17, 2002
We are going to CBR May 8 - 13th. What section of the CBR is the best to request? We are looking for non-smoking room due to an asthmatic toddler and would like something farely close to the food court but would like the room to be on the peaceful side. Any suggestions??


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My DD is also asthmatic and I told them this when I called with my room request. CRO said I would be guaranteed a non-smoking room which we did receive.

We requested Martininique 25 based on recommendations from this site and received Trinidad North 33. This was a great location. Our room overlooked a courtyard with the beach directly in front. The parking lot was very close and it was a nice walk to the food court/main pool.

We were there on NYE and could see the MGM fireworks from our room.
My friends stayed at Martinique #26 it was close to main pool and the food court. They loved it!!
I have stayed in Martinique 25 twice and I think this would be a great location for anyone who needs or wants to be near the food court, main pool, bus stop, and quiet pool. Also, these other buildings are good choices for the same reasons:

Martinique 26
Martinique 24
Trinidad North 31, 32, or 33

I hope this helps! :)

Another vote for building 25.. WE had room 2551 and it was GREAT! being close the food court.
Another vote for building 25! We were in room 2535 June of last
year. We were close to everything and the grounds are really
My favorite is Martinique building 26, but we always request the courtyard between 25 and 26. Perfect location. Love it there.

Does anyone know a website that has a CBR map with the bldg numbers online?
We stayed in Jamiaca building 44 in September- it was great!! For us, we liked being close enough to the food court and main pool, but still it seemed just a bit more quiet over the bridge on the other side. Jamiaca was a great location, and in my opinion they have the prettiest buildings!!

wdisneelvr, you can get a map of the CBR here on the DIS- here is the link.....hope it works...If not, just go to the main page, under Resorts and Hotels there is a link for Resort Maps.




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