Cash wedding presents vs. honeymoon fund?


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Feb 11, 2009
I happen to agree with HopperFan. They should be able to afford daily expenses on their own, and the monetary contribution I make should go to something they wouldn't normally buy on a regular basis. Gift money should go to a special gift item.

Honeymoon is already paid for, so a honeymoon fund wouldn't really make sense now. We'd just be reimbursing ourselves for something that's already been paid.

I like the idea of thanking people individually on the thank you notes, and telling them what we used the money for...
I'm sure there are brides and grooms out there who are just starting out in life and are given the gift of a traditional wedding by the parents, who pick up the tab for it. The money they receive as gifts may help them with their bills the next month if they are living paycheck to paycheck, which many young couples do. But instead you'd rather they use it to buy a nice gift for themselves rather than get them out of a bind with their bills? Normally people here on the Dis say the opposite...

As for a honeymoon fund, what's wrong with reimbursing your savings for something you've already paid for? Also with a honeymoon fund (on some of them), people can still buy things like dinners or excursions even if the honeymoon is paid in full. It would be buying the couple a nice memorable experience, rather than a tangible gift they may never use and takes up space.. They'll always remember Uncle Joe and Aunt Jan gave them the snorkeling adventure in the Caribbean when they look at those photos.


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Nov 4, 2017
I am kind of curious how many people here are married and base their opinions on what THEY expected/received/were taught to expect. I feel like that is a factor in these varying views as well. Kind of like "I would have LOVED if someone helped pay for MY honeymoon but I was taught to only ask for coffee mugs and turkey basters, so lord knows, I am not giving someone ELSE that kind of gift!"


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