Can't close fast enough to suit you?


DIS Veteran
Aug 4, 2000
We fedexed our paperwork in to DVC on December 24, and got word that we'd closed and the deed was recorded on January 9! That's over the holidays, and that's pretty doggone fast!

If you're on poins and needles waiting, take heart. Don't know if this is typical, but it sure was welcome news for us!

Counting the days till my recon trip next Thursday to "inspect our land holdings!"
Welcome Home! I found out we closed on our purchase yesterday (January 16) and I was able to make our Thanksgiving week reservations at Hilton Head so I share your excitement. We Fed Exed our papers on December 30 so like you said with the holidays, I think that was pretty fast as well!

Welcome home. We are in the process of doing our paperwork now. Disney seems to be pretty fast and I think the short delay is caused by the 15 day recission period.

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