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  1. erineab

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    Jan 6, 2012
    Hi there,
    We are supposed to be travelling on the Magic on March 3 (myself, DH, DS, DD, as well as my parents). Unfortunately, my father is having some medical issues and will likely be required to cancel. They have cancellation insurance (not through DCL), but I have also read that they can cancel the cruise through Disney and just have their payment transferred to another booking in the future. If this is true, it might be a better option for them than cancelling outright if they have to pay a deductible. Just wondering if anyone knows if Disney allows this, and if so, how far in advance they need to cancel.
    I am still trying to hold onto hope that they might still be able to go (but mostly just hoping that further testing doesn't reveal anything horrible). My parents are insisting that we still go, as the kids are so excited and the thought of the kids missing out breaks their hearts. The whole situation is definitely making it hard to start planning and get excited!:sad2:
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    Dec 4, 2003
    They will incur a penalty thru Disney whether they cancel or move the reservation. Many years ago DCL allowed you to transfer your date without penalty but no more. You might be thinking of the provision in DCL insurance that allows any amount not covered by the insurance to be applied to a future cruise.

    Bottom line, they need to contact DCL and the insurance company--DCL to cancel the cruise and get documentation of what the penalty was (it increases the closer they get to the cruise), and then the insurance company to submit the documentation needed for reimbursement less the deductible.
  3. elaine amj

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    Jan 26, 2012
    I don't know much about trip cancellation insurance but I think I read somewhere once that you need to call them IMMEDIATELY if they meet the requirements to cancel. My understanding of that was that they don't like you to waffle over cancelling.

    Just in case, I would suggest looking into that. (like I said, I don't know much as I've only done some research into it and different policies have different coverage levels)
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    Jan 4, 2006
    We had to cancel / reschedule one of our cruises a couple of years ago after my sister was in a horrible bicycle accident. We were 5 weeks from the cruise when the accident occured, but realized a week later that we were never going to make the cruise. We ended up cancelling the cruise altogether instead of moving it. I don't think disney allowed for us to move the cruise as we were past the payment in full date. I think if you purchase your insurance thru disney they will let you move it, but if it is thru somebody else, I don't think that is an option, but I could be wrong on that. We cancelled the whole cruise and immediatly contacted the insurance provider. I think it was Berkley group or something like that, it was one we got when booking thru costco. They immediately sent us paperwork, which we had the hospital sign, and we recieved a refund check in two weeks. I would contact disney to find out their policy. Good luck, and I am sorry your family is going through this.

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