Canceling direct purchase


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Aug 19, 2019
I’m just not finding any AKV deals anymore. I put in several offers and no one would budge. With the incentives AKV direct is more than RIV so with the shorter AKV contract also, I’d rather just go with RIV I think.
When I started seriously looking for AKV in April, the contracts were starting to get thin. I did not see any with the UY and point value I wanted, save for a few with a higher asking price than I thought would make negotiation worth my while. After 2 months of searching I decided to get an SSR contract instead. 1BR are our preferred accommodations, so home resort advantage is slightly less important than for those wanting studios....

BWV Dreamin

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Mar 10, 2007
That seems perfect! You'll have the fall vacation booked every year, and October is a great time to visit WDW - early F&W Festival and of course Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! :) Congrats, and Welcome Home! (And welcome to Sep UY! It's my UY too!)
My UY as well!! Love September UY.


Aug 23, 2019
I was struggling with what to do as well. I looked for an AKL resale contract and couldn’t find the right one. Then I reconsidered riviera. I went back and forth for awhile because I wasn’t entirely happy talking with the guide (and resale restrictions). Friends of mine ended up purchasing and mentioned something their guide said about riviera and that they could get a gift by referring me. I called to talk to their guide and felt really comfortable. I purchased 150 riviera points immediately and felt like a weight was lifted. I only recently got “into” Disney - I still can’t believe I love going somewhere with large crowds! I’ve never stayed at the riviera- but can’t wait for our trip in April. I honestly only think about resale restrictions if we sell due to an emergency- otherwise I think the fact that people “make money” on these contracts is just icing on the cake- not something I would buy for or expect. I am sure part of my love for Disney is because it gives me something to plan and obsess over (lol) - so it was nice to go from focusing on making the purchase to playing with dates and points!!!