Can you stand another Myrtle Beach question?


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Jun 18, 2004
We usually go for a week or 2 in the summer and stay in a condo at the Ashworth (LOVE IT!!! :cool1: )
However, we are going to take several small trips to different places this summer, so we're not getting a condo.

After some research, I had narrowed our 3 night stay down to:
Quality Inn Oceanfront (1805 S. Ocean Blvd.)
Crown Reef (2913 S. Ocean Blvd.)
Cabana Shores (5701 N. Ocean Blvd.)
Captains Quarters (807 S. Ocean Blvd.)
Landmark Hotel (1501 S. Ocean Blvd.)

Then, I posted on a MB site and someone suggested Monterey Bay (6804 N. Ocean). I looks really nice! I was concerned that we're used to the quiet of North Myrtle and will probably only do the beach and pools and dinner out while we're there this time -so don't need to be near the action. The person who recommended Monterey Bay said it was in a quite area.

Any opinions? :listen:


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Sep 2, 1999
It's been some years since we stayed at Myrtle Beach, but we always stayed here
Best Western Dayton House
2400 North Ocean Boulevard

Don't know what type of accomodations you are really looking for, high end, middle or what....but they have efficiencies and regular rooms, several buildings, some oceanfront. We were always happy there and it was a good location, not right down in the thick of things, but still lots of stuff around it.
It was owned and run by an extremely nice family, I'm guessing it still is, the children had taken it over from the parents, and they are very nice, keep a nice place and the rates always were affordable.

Hope this helps


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Mar 21, 2003
We've stayed at the Beach Cove and the Carolina Winds several times. We liked both places and the area.


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Feb 25, 2005
Stayed at the Landmark about 6 yrs ago. It was okay, but nothing fancy. Rooms were fine, and DD loved the pools and lazy river. We stayed at a different place last summer (it changed names a couple of months ago and I can't remember the new name!) and she didn't like the pools nearly as much. I did like the location - close to enough places, but not in the main action.

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Jun 18, 2004
I live in Myrtle Beach and from your list I can tell you if it were my family, it would be the Crown Reef hands down. :sunny:

It is on the south end of Ocean Boulevard - not right in the middle of the cruising and pavilion area so you will still have that peace and quiet you are looking for. It has exception grounds, beautiful pools, lazy rivers, spas, everything right there plus of course - the beach. :flower:

Monterey Bay is in a nice area - it's on the north end of Myrlte Beach (no, not North Myrtle Beach). The grounds aren't as beautiful as Crown Reef and it is a bit more central then Crown Reef. It's actaully in the same area as my parents beach house so I love the area....but accomodation wise, I'd still choose Crown Reef. ;)

Whatever you decide, enjoy your trip! Just be glad you are not here this weekend. It's a nightmare with the biker rally! All the locals are fleeing town or hiding out at home until it's over.

Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.

:wave2: Kelly


May 21, 2005
hi - I love Myrtle Beach and hope to live there some day!

I have stayed at the Crown Reef 2x, and I will be staying there again in November and March. It is nice and quiet, they have several different room types, and all the rooms are oceanfront with balconies. I love sitting out on the balcony at night. Have a good trip!


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Mar 9, 2000
I thought Crown Reef was a little run down. :confused3 The outside is very nice but the rooms were icky.


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