Can you copy from VHS to 8 mm?


DIS Veteran
Aug 23, 1999
I'm sure I read somewhere ont he boards that someone copied video tapes from VHS to 8mm and let the kids watch videos from the camera while on the plane. Is this possible? Has anyone done it? Can you tell me how to do it? I know this would be a winner in keeping my kids occupied on the 3 1/2 hour flight to WDW.

We have VHS camcoder though, but the small tapes so it should be the same. If on your camcorder you can input the cables from the VCR (can get it at radio shack) and play the VCR tape while taping it onto the camcorder. My husband did it so I am not sure how he exactly did it.

It was a winner for us on trips.
I think it depends on your camcorder. I've got the Sony TRV87 which the manual says has av input, but the manual says other non-digital Sony's do not have av input (as opposed to output to the vcr). All that said, I have not tried to use the av input to my camera.
There is one simple way to know if your camera has this capability. On the area where you plug in the cables to record your tapes to the VCR, if it has a switch that says "in" and "out". Your normally have the switch on the "out" to record to the VCR and just put the switch on the "in", leave the cables hooked up the same as you world rocording to the VCR, and press the record button. It should record from the VCR. If you do not see the "in" "out" switch then you can't record from your VCR. You could record directly off the TV screen but you may get flicker of the picture, so I don't recommend this.


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