Can an imagineer solve airport backups?

A lot of good technology came out of defense and aerospace (government) projects.

And a lot of good technology came out of Disney. If I remember correctly, one of the Dallas Fort Worth airport people movers (not the one that keeps breaking down) uses the same mechanism as the Tomorrowland Transit Authority ride which technology is referred to as WEDway, (Walter Elias Disney).

One possible use of a Fastpass system at the airport is to avoid having to go to the end of the security line after getting out of the head of the ticketing line with your boarding pass. In other words wait for security simultaneously with your wait for ticketing as opposed to a new wait for security after your actual wait for ticketing.

More Disney tips:

9/65 Disneyland
3/75 (World Inn* off I4 near DD)
4/85 (Kon-Tiki* on 192)
'80s Disneyland once or twice
7/94 POR
9/97 ASMu
11/98 ASMu
12/98 (Knights Inn on 192)
9/99 ASMo
12/00 ASSp
9/01 ASSp
11/01 ASSp
*no longer exists

Do you know the difference between two concurrent jail terms and two consecutive jail terms?


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