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Jul 30, 2000
We will be arriving at WDW staying at Allstar Music and I was wondering about the campfire thing with Chip and Dale-- I don't know what it is called, where it is, how much it costs, do your need ressies, - ok- I really need to know everything!!!!Help:o
The campfire program takes place at the Fort Wilderness campground. We haven't been yet but here is the info I have on it:

Takes place every evening - time varies depending on the time of year.
Free to guests of any Disney resort.
Includes a sing-a-long session with Chip and Dale, toasting marshmellows over an open fire and making smores, and a Disney movie on an outdoor screen that looks like a small version of a drive-in movie screen.
There is a concession stand (that looks like an old wagon) where you can buy drinks, popcorn and kits for making smores. I believe it is also permissable to bring your own stuff for smores but I don't know about bringing in other refreshments.

That's about all I can remember - hope this helps!:D

If you like Disney animated movies you should have a great time. It is free, and you can bring your own refreshments. I would recommend you bring bug spray because it is in a woodsy area. Also allow for some travel time in, on the camp buses and especially travel out after the movie. When we went we had to be the only ones from outside the park because everyone else had their blankets, coolers etc. and looked very "camping like". (not that it is a bad thing though)
When it was time to go, we rode the camp buses and went to every stop in the camp before dropping us at the front gate.
It has always been one of our favorite memories of our multiple trips to WDW and we hope to go again next week!!
Also you can call guest services and ask which movie is showing that night!
Hope you enjoy it!:cool:
Our Camping at Disney World Board has lots more information on this! :)


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