Cabin 8526?


Earning My Ears
Aug 28, 2001
Has anyone stayed in Cabin 8526 - It is a family stateroom with/Verandah. We have 5 people and was wondering if we would be comfortable. Thanks, :cool:
We've stayed in 8598, same catagory, different location. It was quite roomy when the beds were up; you should be very comfortable.
We stayed in 8522 and we are also a family of 5 with 3 growing teens, 18, 17, 13. We all fit very comfortably and had plenty of storage space for our suitcases and plenty of closet/drawer space for all our clothes (and you know how 2 teen girls can pack)

we stayed in 8580 with our three kids also and there was a good enough amount of room for the little time we spent in there! This was our first cruise and my only complaint was how small the bathroom was. We had plenty of drawer space and the closet space wasn't too bad but remember to bring additional hangers. I did, but could have used more. One other thing I learned. I was trying to save luggage space and decided not to pack a hair dryer knowing that there was one in the bathroom. Big mistake! It was a very low setting and I couldnt do anything to my hair all week. It looked like my hair was plastered to my head!!! lol Oh well live and learn.
We are a family of 5 booked in cabin 8526 on July 28th. If you sail before, would you please post how you liked it? We hope it will be quiet from the deck above, as I have read on these boards that some noise is heard in certain staterooms. Thanks, and have a great cruise!
Our family stayed in 8526, 8528 and 8530. The rooms were outstanding and in my opinion, the location is the best on the ship. By the way there was no problem with any noise from above.
Is there any benefit to being at either the front or back of the ship? I am just about to put down my deposit but I'm a little worried about the cabin (#8094) because it is so far back. Does it matter?
When you look at the deck layouts, some of the staterooms have little triangles on them. Does anyone know what these mean?
The triangles indicate connecting rooms.

We had no problems being at the stern of the ship - it was actually very nice because it was just a short walk to topsiders for breakfast. We were a little worried about noise because we were right under the deck outside of topsiders, but we only heard an occasional chair being moved by the staff early in the morning, and we were up before the time that the hordes decended on topsiders. Beyond that, I don't think it really matters much if you're at the bow or the stern, but I've not experienced the bow (next trip we'll be just off the forward elevator lobby on deck 6), so cannot say for certain.


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