BWV vs BCV distance to EPCOT / MGM


Apr 2, 2001
For those who have visited BCV's how does this compare to the walking distance and accessability to EPCOT and MGM. I know that BWV is just a short walk and very convenient to EPCOT but unsure about MGM.
With the placement of the new BCV what is your estimate of distance and convenience to each location.

I am looking for easy access to both MGM and EPCOT.
Was partial to BWV's but saw the pool at BC on the travel channel this weekend and know the grandsons would have a blast.
Your opinions will be appreciated.
I would say that BCV is about 5 minutes closer to Epcot than BWV and 5 minutes futher away from MGM than BWV.
The differences should be minimal. BCV is probably a few minutes shorter to Epcot and a few minutes longer to MGM....BWV is vice versa. The difference are so small that I think you'd have to take into consideration where your room in BWV is far down any of the branches versus how far from the exit door of BCV your room there is located.

Getting to the walking path to MGM would take longer from BCV. I also think the walk to the boat dock at Y&B would be slightly longer than the walk to the BW boat dock....but we are talking a difference of 1-2 minutes.

CarolMN I missed those posts! Thanks for the links....and Caskbill thanks for your dedication. :)


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