BWV vrs. SSR Studio Review

Discussion in 'DVC-Mousecellaneous' started by wheniwasyoung, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. wheniwasyoung

    wheniwasyoung Lov'in Every Minute of It!

    Mar 17, 2009
    Just giving my comparisons of the two resorts as the DVC members who helped me with this trip requested my feed back.

    My DW and I stayed March 1st @ SSR studio and then spent March 2nd @ BWV studio. Both, by the way, were booked through DVC members from this forum and everything went perfectly!

    Disclaimer: I have stayed @ the Boardwalk for years and have very fond memories so I am a little bias. Also, my DW's favorite park is Epcot and mine is the Studio's, so the simple fact that we can walk to both makes it even more of an unfair comparison.

    SSR is an outstanding resort.
    We faced the "tent" of Cirque du Soleil on P.I. so we had a great view and a short walk to DD. Also, my wife used the "spa" services and again it was only a short walk back to the room. (Dennis was her masseuse and was great and DW said the spa was wonderful. Through experience we have found that finding a quite massage area is getting more difficult as usually they are right next to the gym were the spinning and aerobic classes are with the loud music.) SSR Spa is very, very quite and relaxing.
    The room was very nice. My only complaint was that the tub shower area is definitely showing its age. Love the tile but it needs to be deep cleaned or even redone.

    BWV IS the resort for me!
    What can I say. It's the boardwalk! I could stay here for a month! The room we stayed in faced the main pool area and water slide.
    They must have just finished updating this room right before we checked in because it was perfect. My only complaint about the stay is that its time to replace the carpet in the main hallways.
    We got a chance to visit friends @ BLT that were in a one bedroom and I have to be honest, even though it was spectacular, when we go back in May, I think we will try to stay at BWV, again.
    I know most of you will not agree but with me its all about location and since our youngest is now 14 the MK resorts are just not as attractive to me now. Maybe that will change when the grand kids get older.

    So that's my honest and slightly disturbed comparison on the studio's.

    Thanks again to all that helped out on the ressie's and answered the many questions for this trip.:)
  2. Mickey'sApprentice

    Mickey'sApprentice Shamelessly demand, it works bette

    Dec 2, 2005
    Thanks for the report!
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  4. culli

    culli DIS Veteran

    Jan 19, 2008
    I totally agree with you. Location, location, location...EPCOT AND DHS how can you beat that? For our family you can't, we stayed at BLT our last stay and it is nice but its not the BW area. We visited the BW area with the kids (7, 4 and 3 yrs old) and they said Daddy why can't we stay here like we did last time. My oldest even said ahhhhhhhh it feels like we are home. Even at that age they prefer EPCOT and DHS over MK then add the BW they just love it.

    We are a pretty active family and prefer to walk and being able to get to 2 parks is awesome. At night we just go for a family stroll to EPCOT let the kids ride Nemo a few hundred times then maybe watch fireworks, the BW entertainment, a cookie and of course a few barley pops for Mom and Dad ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wish I was there now!!! Looking outside at the yuck here in WI coupled with hockey season being over, our next trip can't come fast enough.

    With all that said if you take location out of the equation SSR is hands down our favorite resort. With the addition of the tree houses wow what an awesome place. Now if the imagineers can just pick it up and set it next to EPCOT. Or maybe they can get rid of the buses and perfect teleporting:wizard:
  5. wheniwasyoung

    wheniwasyoung Lov'in Every Minute of It!

    Mar 17, 2009
    I can't agree more, once Super bowl and hockey are over its pretty miserable until the boat goes in the water.
    I'm trying hard to get back in May with just the wife @ BWV for three days but now its looking a little shaky. She is just about done with school and has been doing very well (even making the deans list for the last two years) but now its getting pretty tough for her. Last day of school is May 3rd but she doesn't graduate until the 15th. When I mention looking for airfare and going for three days between those dates she didn't seem so excited which is not like her at all.

    Our recent visit was with several young men so the one day we spent alone @ Boardwalk was just not enough. However, I was pretty proud of myself because of keeping up with the kids and also going 9 days straight to the parks. Feels like I could walk to Alaska and back with the conditioning that I've had. Of course I have to wait until my liver recoups a little.:rolleyes1
  6. rutgers1

    rutgers1 DIS Veteran

    Apr 25, 2008
    We stayed at both this summer. I really have no problem with any of the rooms anywhere, so for me it all comes down to location and the overall flow/look of the property. For that, you can't beat Boardwalk and Beach Club in my opinion.

    We just got back from AKV, which was very nice, but I didn't like that there wasn't a "campus" for me to jog around (I jogged around the lake at Boardwalk), and I thought the place was overall too dark. I liked jogging around SSR (though not as much as Boardwalk), but there wasn't a park nearby. Even though I like Downtown Disney, it wasn't the same. The biggest factor pushing in Boardwalk's favor was the walk to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. I loooooooooovvvvvvveeeee walking to the parks!!!
  7. madthemouse

    madthemouse Laughing Place.

    Oct 16, 2002
    It's good to hear others opinions on the comparisons between SSR and BWV. Chalk another one up for the Epcot villa resort area. Being able to walk around Crescent Lake first thing in the morning, watching the CM's working their magic and enjoying a cup of coffee. Having Epcot and the Studios near by....outstanding.

    Because of my own procrastination this year. I was trying to decide between Kidani and the BWV, for our early May trip. I waited too long, and could only book at SSR. That's not entirely bad. This will be our 14 different resort having stayed at, and something new added to this years trip. I may miss the Epcot resort area, but looking forward to our stay at SSR.


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