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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Beka'sMom, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. Beka'sMom

    Beka'sMom Addicted to Disney!

    May 3, 2001
    I have a res at BWI for end August- (we stayed at BWVillas last year and loved it, but no discount codes avail there this year:( ).

    I am thinking of staying at Beach Club instead- anyone have an opinion as to which hotel is nicer??

    I read that BC has a minibar in std room- I don't think BWI does-
    Also, Do BC std rooms all have balconies? That is VERY important- I think BWI do!

    Any opinions?

    Thanks in advance, Beka's Mom:D
  2. vicb

    vicb DIS Veteran

    Jun 8, 2001
    Hi. I have not stayed at BC but have at BWI. I think you are right about balconies at BC. That was one of the reasons we chose BWI over BC last trip. We did use the Sandcastle Club and eat at Cape May, both of which were very nice. But we liked the atmosphere at the BWI better than BC. BWI was less busy in the lobby area and the pool was more self-contained and easy to watch the kids. The BC seemed over whelmed by young kids. We like to relax when we are out of the parks and thought the BWI was great for that. Also we had excellent service by the housekeeping staff and front desk staff.
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  4. sharoncity

    sharoncity Mom of 2; Wishing I was in WDW; I WILL conquer the

    Sep 26, 1999
    Both are truly wonderful resorts. Location is basically the same, so that is not part of the choice. BC pros are SAB (which is GREAT), dining within the hotel itself (instead of having to walk out onto the Boardwalk), not quite as spread nout as BWI IMHO (more than that one elevator!) The con is that, no not all the rooms have balconies to sit out on. Some have standing room only balconies. BWI pros are balconies for everyone! Some are even oversized. The pool is nice, but IMHO not nearly as good as SAB. The BWI cons are one lonely elevator bank, and having to walk out onto Boardwalk to even refill your mug.
    As you can see, I like both resorts because the cons are no big deal. I think you'll have a great vacation either way. If the balcony thing is that big of a deal, then go with BWI. Otherwise, try BC so you can compare the two resorts yourself. (I always like trying different places!):D
  5. niks81

    niks81 Let's just say I wasn't the 'only one'!<br><font c

    Jun 18, 2001
    Just my two cents....I think the Boardwalk is the best. There are several dining choices, two nightclubs, entertainment every night, and it is overall a great place to stay. If a balcony is very important to you that is all the more reason to stay at BW....Some of Beach Club's units do not have one and if they do they are only big enough for you to walk out the door and chair room. Many of Boardwalk's have a great deal of room on them.

    Sorry to hear about the rates for BW villas....I just returned from there and I swear a regular hotel room will never do for me again! Have you considered renting points from a Vacation Club member? You can usually stay for less on points than on cash at a deluxe anyway! PM me if you have questions.
  6. Beka'sMom

    Beka'sMom Addicted to Disney!

    May 3, 2001
    Thanks everyone for your input-

    I think I'll stick w/BWI since we liked the BWV so much last time and the pool was great- The reaon I hesitate for BC ids the balcony situation...

    With a 3yr old, without the villa we may need to have the balcony to retreat to while she is falling asleep. If the BC doesn't have a full balcony, we may be standing there.. I think we'll be happy at BWI! Can't wait!

    Thanks again- Beka's Mom:D

  7. bjakmom

    bjakmom DIS Veteran

    Aug 21, 2000
    Beka's mom - I haven't been in the summer months for many years, but when we used to go over July 4th it was always way too hot to even open the balcony doors when we returned to the room - did you find that you used your balcony in Aug? I rented pts. for BWV this Aug and saved $ because we needed two rooms this time and the 1 bedroom villa more than solved that problem (having a kitchen will also be great because my DD has special dietary needs - and being able to do laundry at night right in our room sounds convenient). I like to have a balcony and view, but didn't worry about it this trip because I was thinking it would be too hot to enjoy - hope I don't regret this choice. Anyway, we loved BWI, too - great location for us!

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