buy multiday pass-get one day free?


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Feb 6, 2000
I just called us air to see what the discount is for passes to Universal and the woman there said that Universal was running a special of buy a [unspecified] multi pass and get a day free. Is this correct info?I asked her if this was only good with us air boarding passes and she said no.

Could you double check with your US Air source as to whether this is their promotion because the people at Universal have no clue about it.

I called as soon as you posted to make sure I didn't miss out on it.

Let us know..


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I have emailed them and am waiting for a reply. I would rather get this info. in writing. As soon as I hear I will post their reply.

Patty...I just saw the same special advertised on Delta's Vacation site also! I am curious as it states buy 2 day Universal pass get 3rd day free. Everytime I try and price it out I get an error. I will give them a call as well!


The special is only good when booked as a package.Universal does not offer this when purchasing tickets alone. When you break it down that way the extra $10 it would cost buying the 3 day pass on universals site seems the better deal.I guess to those that dont know a 3 day pass is only slightly higher than a 2 day pass it would sound like a good deal. The packages seem to be offered through AA, UsAir, and Delta. Must be their incentive to book through them. Still much cheaper to book the hotel seperately using one of the discounts available (Entertainment book, AAA, AP, )then purchase your tickets the same way.On the other hand if you get a great deal on Air with your package it may be beneficial. I priced it out many different ways for March and it continues to benefit me to do everything seperate. Hope you have better luck with a package than I did Patty! :)



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