Browneyes, Ratsrule and JasonLyons....


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Aug 18, 1999
All seem to be MIA.

Check in please, before we send out the National Guard!
I could have sworn I saw a post by Ratstrule yesterday......but I don't see what I was thinking of now....

Maybe I'm just crazy :smooth:
Isn't JasonLyons here at the world? I know we were supposed to meet at DD on Monday, but he never showed.

Hope all is well.
I saw ratsrule posting.

Princess Michelle said JasonLyons is in WDW.

Maybe when Jason comes back, browneyes will too. If EROS is gone, I'd start to REALLY wonder. :p :p Something about an island ...

be still my beating heart......the rat man cometh :)
Okay, we have Ratsrule...and Jason Lyons is at the World!

That just leaves Browneyes now....Shannon...if you are taking a sabbatical...please let someone know!
Shannon told me she would be busy with work for a little while. I didn't realize it would be for so long though.

I think Jason and his family was supposed to come back tomorrow or something like that.
I talked to Shannon the other day. She said she's crazy busy with the kids being out of school but hopes to be able to come back Monday once they get out of her hair, I mean go back to school. :)
ice to see you back Shannon, we missed you around here :)


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