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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by jltdone, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. jltdone

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    Jan 6, 2013
    ok i have read that people can get into breakfast before the parks open up... I just dont get that is there a seperate gate you have to use or use the main gate do u walk down main street to get to say CP or CRT.
    cause that would be pretty cool i am not thinking it will busy if that is the case.
    We went to MK on christmas one year and got the park till 3am the park was JAMMED packed all day but walked the inlaws to the gate at around 1am or so and then started walking through the park my wife and i and there were little to no people around it was like we had the park to ourselves. that was something i will always remember about disney walking with the one i love holding hands at the most magical place in the world and not a soul around....
  2. nutty4wdw

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    Aug 22, 2005
    yes there is a gate for breakfast entrants. you go and the cm will take your name and check it against the list of adr's they have. you go in. you have to swipe your pass. we always do tusker house at 8:00am at animal kingdom and sometimes crystal palace at mk. we too love walking through the park when it's empty. but you are not admitted to the park until official opening. some guests hope after eating they can go right into the park
  3. starrysky

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    Mar 31, 2009
    You book an ADR and you enter through the main gate. A CM will check your name off the list they have and you are then allowed in. The entrance to the different lands are roped off so you can't get further than main street, the hub and into the castle. If you book the earliest ADR you will still have to wait until the park opens before you can get on the rides. It is great though to see the park so empty we have some great photos of us in front of the castle with no one around.
  4. LovesTimone

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    Apr 29, 2009
    As you approach MK, they will have one gate that you will go through, YOu will know as there always seems to be a line:rotfl: they have a list of ADR's for CP and CRT, they check your name and in you go:thumbsup2. There are CM directing you, you can't just go off in the park, only to where you are suppose to be having breakfast. It is magical walking in the park that time of morning, without the mass of people. Grab some pic's as you walk.

    You must have ADR's to get into the park, they will not you in without it. I always bring a copy of the print out off our ADR's, I never had to use it, but my girl friend family had too, on there last visit, she showed the CM at the gate and they did let her in, wasn't a hassle or anything just CM doing her job. CM stated due to the new system some ADR's were showing up!!!! this was the 1st part of Dec 2012.

    I am heading there in a couple of weeks, so I will be bring my ressie sheet!!!!

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