Boris and Natshia at IOA


Earning My Ears
Apr 29, 2001
When did Islands of Adventure get Boris and Natashia from the rocky and bullwinkle show?

We were there during spring break and ran into them at Toon Lagoon. They look like Renee Russo and Jason Alexander from the Movie!!!!

My kids loved them!! They looked great!! They were looking to 'Give Moose and Squirrel a gift'. The gift was a bomb! Very funny!! Then they chased Rocky and bullwinkle, it was like being in the cartoon.

Are they new? Does anyone know? :cool:
We saw them, too. Very funny. First they stole my daughter's Nerds, then my husband's camera. Great interaction and lots of fun.:bounce:
I saw Boris and Natasha last summer at the Bullwinke Runs for President show. I haven't seen them since.
There used to be a Rocky and Bullwinkle street show at USF. It was terrific. Wish they'd bring it back in Toon Lagoon.


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